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Help One Now -- An organization 
committed to empowering and resourcing high-capacity local leaders who care for orphans and vulnerable children in order to transform communities and break the cycle of extreme poverty. (And now they work in DRC!)

Generation Next -- A 501(c)(3) that provides education, backpacks, and hygiene kits to children in Kenya. This nonprofit will also be funding, providing care for and supporting an orphanage in Kenya in the coming months. They are also working to bring Tilapia farming techniques and supplies to the area to provide education and resources for the children at the orphanage. "Teach a man to fish," right? (I am pleased to say that I will be doing some work for this great nonprofit! Details to come...)

Riley's Treasures -- A thrift store in Branson, MO, that collects items to sell in order to help fund Generation Next.

One Sole Purpose -- http://www.onesolepurpose.com
OneSolePurpose exists for the purpose of restoring hope and God-given dignity by providing basic  necessities, like shoes, to those currently in need.

Hallowed Ground Outdoors -- http://www.hallowedgroundoutdoors.com
"When we step into the outdoors, we have the privilege of standing in the presence of God through the power and majesty of His creation. That makes hunting more than a sport or a hobby. It's a calling to something greater. And that transforms the places that we stand into something more than a cropfield or a pasture or a mountain. It makes that place Hallowed Ground." Disclaimer: My husband is a part of this ministry, but I truly think it's awesome. They are working on Bible Study curriculum! 

Amazima Ministries -- http://www.amazima.org
Helping to educate and empower the people of Uganda with God's love.

Dusty Feet -- http://dustyfeetonline.com
"The dust of Africa will never leave the soles of your feet." 

Stealth Servant -- http://www.stealthservant.blogspot.com
Incognito service and acts of kindness since 2009, before it was even cool. 

Cherish Kids -- http://www.cherishkids.org
This is the adoption ministry of James River Assembly. They have TONS of info and support for those considering adoption/foster care/respite care. DO IT! (PS...It is my goal to get our church to this level of adoption-lovin'.)


I can't read most of this stuff in public. I am not really a crier (unless I am enormously ticked and can't express it with words, so that's fun) and I hate to admit that I ever cry, but these are the blogs I don't dare read in public due to fear of losing it. I usually peak at the most recent post to judge its "tearworthiness" in order to forfeit the embarrassment of tears and the possibility that people judge me and run away from "that crazy emotional lady." Read at your own risk, but read if you need to open your eyes to marginalized orphans, lovable kids, and stories of hope in adoption and elsewhere.

Holt International -- http://holtinternational.org/waitingchild/photolisting
   Find pictures and stories of children who are waiting for their forever families. BREAKS MY HEART every time.

Together for Adoption -- http://www.togetherforadoption.org
   "Together for Adoption exists to provide gospel-centered resources that magnify the adopting grace of God the Father in Christ Jesus and mobilize the church for global orphan care."

No Greater Joy Mom -- http://www.nogreaterjoymom.com
   This will break your heart in a good way. Her description: "I have no greater joy than to know my children are walking in the truth." 3 John 1:4. She focuses on adoption of special needs children, and IT IS GOOD.

Kisses from Katie -- http://kissesfromkatie.blogspot.com
   From the author of my new favorite book by the same name, this is the story of an 18-year-old who had the courage to do what I wanted to do but never had the courage or fortitude for. I love my life here with my family and I believe God uses our story for the advancement of His gospel, but I sometimes live vicariously through her as God uses her to SAVE AND CHANGE LIVES in Uganda.

US Waiting Child Photolistings -- http://photolisting.adoption.com
   Look at all these kids who need MOMMIES AND DADDIES!!

Kids in Congo -- http://www.kidsincongo.com/ 
   Kids in Congo is a resource center for families considering adopting, in process, or have brought home children from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and their friends and family. 

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