Want to support us on our adoption journey? You can donate via AdoptTogether or Lifesong for Orphans with our family name (Lotz) and our ID number (4143).

If you are adopting yourself, you can support us in our adoption through prayer and/or purchase of our fundraising e-book, a step-by-step guide to planning and executing a successful adoption dinner.

Here's what what person has to say about it:
"As an adoptive mom, I was looking for a way to raise money for our 3rd adoption. When I read this book I found it took the guess work out of planning an event like this.  Every aspect of this type of fundraiser was covered in such wonderful detail!" -- Linda Scotto,adoptive mom  

The steps we took helped us raise $10,000 for our adoption in one night. Yep, that's right...$10,000. And we think you can, too. 


In fact, we almost got tired of counting the money (I mean, not really, but it was fun while it lasted.) We might have even thrown the cash up into the air and danced around as it floated down around us for a while.  But then we sent it to our adoption agency to pay for legal fees, foster care and documents relating to the adoption of Sweet C.

In fact, it was such a great learning experience that I decided to write an e-book about it and share what we learned with others who are trying to raise money for adoption (or any other great cause).

Here's what people have said about it:
"This truly is priceless!  Very thorough and impressive, a great source of information.  I'm thinking $3.99 isn't enough...[the] information is very complete, easy to understand and follow, and provides lots of resources."  -- Heidi Wellsandt, adoptive mom 
"Very practical, detailed, organized and fun to read.  If people follow this guide I believe they will have a very successful event." --  Paige Wilson, adoptive mom
We are not experts. We are just normal people with two toddlers at home, full-time jobs and a mix of part-time jobs, adoption grant applications, graduate classes and crock-pot meals to fill our plates. In fact, our plates aren't just full; they're sometimes overflowing. 

BUT, amongst the craziness of everyday life and full plates, we did manage to pull off a killer adoption dinner with live music and a silent auction. It was a ton of work, but we knocked out almost a third of our adoption expenses in one night. I'd say it was worth all of the effort.

We want to share exactly how we did it, as well as what we wish we had done differently. 

With that, here it is. You can purchase the e-version for $3.99 or the hard copy version for $9.99. Clearly, all proceeds will go toward our adoption of Sweet C from DR Congo. 

In it, we share the 15 steps we took to pull off a huge fundraising event. Those 15 steps are broken down into detailed instructions--along with several tidbits of information we wish we'd known all along--within 52 pages of easy reading, with a few charts and pictures for your reference. I think and I pray it will be worth your time and money, thus helping you pull off an overwhelmingly successful fundraising dinner of your own. 

So what are you waiting for? Buy the e-book. Make a small investment that we all hope and pray will put you on the path toward a very successful fundraising event for your own great cause.

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