I'm Jenny. 
I like adoption. 
I write.
I advocate.
I (over)think.
I plan.
I eat chocolate almost exclusively.
I read. 
I like sarcasm.
I dabble.
I appreciate mockery (my love language).
I like parentheses.
I (unsuccessfully try to) craft.
I write for God's glory.

I am nothing without the One who died for me. 

We aren't very good at taking family pictures,
so I picked the one in which I was smiling best. Because I call the shots in blogworld.

My husband, Brad, our two sons, Brody and Brecken, and myself make up the Lotz bunch, and we hope to add Sweet C, our little girl in DR Congo to the bunch soon. We are living ordinary lives with our eyes on an extraordinary God who moves mountains even as we continue to sit on them. 

That, in and of itself, has turned into quite an adventure of triumph, trials and tragedies.

Just a few of the trials and triumphs of our adventure:
  • Our oldest son Brody's adoption: a whirlwind of activity, stress, anxiety and faith all rolled into an adorable baby boy. (Here for more.)
  • Our next oldest son Brecken's 9-week premature birth. I swear he kicked his way out of there, and he continues to be unable to sit still. (Here for more.)
  • Losing twins in DR Congo, whom we loved but never met. (They died because they didn't have clean water. CLEAN WATER.) (Here for more.)
  • Journeying through the murky waters of adoption from DR Congo adoption to bring home a baby girl, Sweet C. (Here for more.)
  • Quitting my job without a real plan.
Why do I write? Because God is always at work in my life, and since He has given me the ability to write somewhat coherently I feel the need to record it when I see Him at work. His provision, comfort, peace, healing, and detailed planning are always present in my life, and even if no one ever reads this, it's good for me to remember what He has done and continues to do. 

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