Friday, February 9, 2018

a roof over our heads

We are moving right along with the home building process. We have a roof over the top of the house, which was completed in about two days, and our well company completed our well on Monday. They had a bit of a snafu when the large drilling truck didn't quite cut the corner wide enough getting out of our driveway and ended up in the ditch for quite some time. Oops. I felt bad, but they handled it like champs. (A&B Well and pump service in Rogersville is the bomb, guys. They serviced our well at the old house and absolutely went above and beyond.)

So here we are, mulling over new decisions. For example, I met with the cabinet maker a few weeks ago, and I should have been a bit more prepared with cabinet ideas. I just had no idea about some of the things I should even consider.

Cabinet guy: "Would you like (insert some awesome cabinet feature)?"

Me: "Of course, if it will fit in the budget."

Cabinet guy: "Ok, would you like (insert next awesome cabinet feature)."

Me: "Sure. I love that."

Cabinet guy: "What about (insert next awesome cabinet feature)?"

Me: "Just bag it all up. I want it all."

Cabinet guy,  a few weeks later: "Here's the estimate for the cabinet work."

Me: "GULP. We will need to make some minor adjustments."

So I guess what I'm saying here is that decisions are hard.

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