Wednesday, December 6, 2017

the home front

I mentioned earlier that the original drafted exterior plans for the house we are building were less than stunning. They were good, don't get me wrong, but they lacked a certain modern edge that we would have enjoyed but did not express to the person who drafted our plans. Happily, we have people around us with home-building wisdom who were able to visualize with us and help take it from "ho-hum" to at least "bam." (I apparently don't know how to describe it without using sound effects, but I think you get the idea.)

This is where we started:

We knew when this was drawn up that the stone would probably be placed in different areas and that the front door wouldn't be quite the same and the detail over the garage would be different. Long story short, we knew we had some adjustments to make. We just didn't know what, exactly, those adjustments would be.

Our friend, who is one of the nicest people ever and also a legend in the masonry business, sent our draft to a friend for some suggestions, and he came up with this, which includes minor changes to stone placement and the size of the window in the front left. (Note: Real life colors will be different.) Even with the subtle changes, it's a marked improvement from the original:

Which has now evolved into this, via my spectacularly "advanced" drawing skills using Markup on my phone: 

See the huge difference? Well, maybe it's not huge, but I think I like the depth a dormer could add in that blandish area in the middle of the roof. Sometimes I text our builder and friend, Travis Pirtle of Pirtle Homes, "How much extra would it cost to.....(fill in the blank). I'm asking for a friend." I think he's caught onto my schemes. He says the dormer might have to be a shed dormer instead of a doghouse dormer. I say "my friend" will take what she can get. We will see how that goes, if we decide to go that route. As of now, I like it.

Also, I've REALLY been wanting one of these metal awnings over a window or a garage or something (or everything):


(Source: Screenshot of my Pinterest. Sorry to the original owners of this image.)

Lastly, I'm digging this type of gable accents. I think a natural wood tone like this one would add some subtle natural elements to our exterior, which will feature black window frames. (I like the gable instead of  the vent-looking thing on the drafted plan above, which might have an actual purpose...I don't know.):

Source: Pinterest again. For the win. 

Side note, I SWOON over these garage doors, but they've already been vetoed due to the additional cost involved. As I've mentioned before, I have really good taste. ;o):


See how all over the place I am when comes to overall style? This could get interesting as we actually have to make decisions, particularly when you throw a budget into the mix. My husband, obviously, has a say in all of this, too, but he doesn't seem to love planning this as much as I do. It's kind of thrilling.

(If it's your first time here on the blog, feel free to hop around and learn about us. The blog is severely outdated, but I'm learning that "done" is better than perfect. This has been an adoption blog for a while, but now that "we're done" having and adopting kids for a while (in our opinion), it's been adapted to other things, including home building, apparently. I enjoy having a place to dump my thoughts. Go here for info about the home building process up until now. Go here to read about the most ridiculous year of our lives.)


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