Monday, May 9, 2016

crushing it

A friend sent us a link to the Family Discipleship series from Matt Chandler at The Village Church. It's possible that said friend thought we could use some REAL HELP in our parenting strategies, but it's also possible that he thought we would appreciate the wisdom shared in the podcast. 

We did appreciate it, and we still do, but our experience in practicing one of his strategies also provided evidence supporting the notion that Matt Chandler is a big fat liar regarding.

You see, he inspired us. He shared some spectacular ideas about how we can leverage the time we have with our kids to point them to Christ, to strengthen our family relationships, to magnify the Truth. 

He said we would "crush it." 

So, feeling confident that this would be the best parenting move of our short careers in parenthood, we started what we conceived to be the very best conversation ever with our four kids, five-and-under.

Brad/husband: Did you know that Mom and Dad love you bigger than the sky?

Brody (5-year-old): Even bigger than God? (We ignored this for the sake of brevity. Brody has a lot of questions and this would have snowballed quickly.)

Brad: Did you know that you can tell Mom and Dad anything?

Brody: Even lies? (We have struggled with "creative stories" [insert eye roll], so we use the phrase "The Truth is important" often.)

Brad: Well, you can tell us the truth any time. You don't ever have be scared to tell us the truth, no matter what it is.

Brody: Well, you're kind of...(long dramatic pause)...fat.

Belly-laughter (some bellies bigger than others, apparently) ensued.

So there you have it. Matt Chandler did lie. We did not "crush it." This did not go as planned.

But at least we tried. We may try again on another day when we need another laugh.

(But truth be told, Chandler crushes it in this series. Check it even has some downloadables!)

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