Thursday, April 14, 2016

All clear

A quick medical report regarding Clementine...

A few weeks after she came home, we took her to a clinic for initial TB skin tests and chest x-rays. (She had to be held down when she got SIX sad!)

Her results came back CLEAR from the x-ray and the skin test. Apparently she never had TB.

A few weeks ago we took her in for another consultation with a regular pediatrician and he suggested further testing (an ultrasound on her kidneys) regarding the kidney issues listed on the paperwork that permitted her to get an emergency exit letter. He also requested blood work to check kidney functioning and Hep C and HIV status. 

The ultrasound was all clear, meaning her kidney functioning seemed to be normal. However, initial round of bloodwork came back a bit iffy on the kidney functioning, so she has more bloodwork done. (The ultrasound, which required her to lie still while they essentially rubbed lotion on her belly, involved a lot of crying and wiggling, so you can imagine how much fun her bloodwork was. I sent Brad in for that.)

The second round of bloodwork came back all clear. 

We have a healthy girl! We still aren't sure why her lymph nodes were so swollen when they first diagnosed her with TB, and she has a huge scar there where it looks like someone just stuck a giant needle in her neck to drain it, but we are thrilled she is healthy. 

Somehow what we first saw as bad news turned into the very thing that brought her home to us more quickly than we ever imagined. God is good. God is sovereign. 

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