Thursday, February 25, 2016

Life in the fast lane

Hello there. It's me, Jenny. It's been a few weeks, so I'm here for a quick update:

1 - Clementine is firmly planted in our family. She still loves to eat, loves to laugh, and loves to be around the boys. She does not seem as preoccupied with food as she used to be, which is great because I was making several trips to the store each week for bananas. She likes "bebe Oak-key" now, too, whereas before she hardly acknowledged her presence. And she likes me, too. I'd say we are pretty tight, actually, except that she still gets CRANKY when I brush her hair (and when Brad does it she is totally fine). She is chattering away, and since we don't understand much we smile and nod. She understands virtually everything we say, and she loves to help around the house. She and Brecken are hilarious and SCARY together. SCARY, I tell you. If it's quiet and they're missing, we have a problem, and it usually involves a marker.

2 - Oaklee is six months old already! She is still sweet and easy-going, but she is starting to throw some fits by arching her back. It's really funny and cute now, but in a few months it will not be so cute so I'm trying to determine the best course of action when she throws them. She is nearly crawling, too, so GOODBYE LEGOS all over the house. Brody has been warned that if it's on the ground it goes in the trash. She is well-loved around here, and I often feel sorry for her personal space because she has none. She was stepped on twice yesterday, so she will have to be pretty tough to hang around here. (My brothers made me tough, too...remember that one time they hung me by my feet over the balcony? Oh Mom, you didn't know about that, did you?)

3 - Brody is about to go in for his KINDERGARTEN SCREENING. What in the world?! He is four going on 14 (and I'm not buying clothes he's wearing clothes that are Size 8). He's growing up fast in every sense of the word. (This morning he used the word "apparently" in perfect context and I did a victory lap around the kitchen.)

4 - Brecken has hit a growth spurt, too, which means I fear for our lives when we hit the teenage years. (How does one feed and clothe a 17-, 16-, 15-, and 13-year-old without taking out a loan? Church planting is not necessarily a lucrative business--financially speaking.) He is still hilarious, but I'm excited for the day when his hilarity does not involve my also wanting to cry.

5 - Brad has been OH-SO-BUSY. Running and gunning, I tell you. He had a stomach bug Sunday but also had to teach three classes at church, so he THREW UP between classes so that he could complete his duties. I can't wait until we get to hang out again...hopefully that will be within the next year.

6 - I spend my days chasing kids, bathing kids, feeding kids, wiping bottoms, and doing laundry and dishes. I LOVE this life. (Please do not hear me complaining! I love it and am so thankful for it!) However, because of our current season and ALL THAT'S HAPPENING right now, it is especially tiring. I have been stressing about things I probably shouldn't stress about. My shoulder hurts from the tension of life, and I just happen to carry Oaklee's seat in that arm so it doubles the tension. And I am pretty sure I have a sinus infection, so after I get a z-pack in me I hope to be back to unpack some of those tensions. (I've been sick over half of this winter...I think it means we need to move to the ocean.)

7 - I am LOVING the homecoming pictures and announcements of friends who are finally being united with their Congolese children, and I can't wait to see more. Many received Medical Exits, and last week the government announced that over 150 children's files were approved to allow those children to leave DRC with Exit Letters. Others are still waiting for their files to be approved or corrected, so we continue in prayer that they will be allowed to join families very soon. For right now, I'm relishing the moments flashing up on my Facebook timeline.

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