Thursday, December 3, 2015

ugly laughing

In a complete diversion from the norm on Tuesdays, I spent my Tuesday morning laughing my tail off.

I was late for Mom's group because A) I had to feed Joanna; B) I had to feed Oaklee; C) one child who shall remain nameless had a terrible morning and did not want to 1) take a shower; 2) get out of the shower once in it; 3) wear clothes; 4) act rationally. 

It was such a special morning.

By the time I got to the group (20 minutes late), I needed something. I wasn't sure what I needed, but I needed it so badly it almost hurt. Maybe I needed a swift kick in the rear, a reminder that I should be full of grace, or a slap on the hand. Or maybe I needed a back and shoulder rub from THE LOAD of stress that seems to settle there.

Our current study deals with marriage and as I headed into the session I wondered how our marriage could be any better, considering the fact that we don't have time or energy to create problems. We just L-I-V-E without a huge extent of drama. But the lesson did not disappoint and reminded me that we can't just L-I-V-E mindlessly without purpose, even with our own spouses.

The video lesson can be summed up with "love loves to love." I know, that sounds a bit cheesy, but it really was excellent. I love Brad, but do I seek out ways to love him well? Do I love to love him in the very best ways that are tailored to his loves and preferences? Probably not.

The lesson served as a great reminder of that one time long ago when I decided I'd become a student of my husband and learn as much about him as I could in order to love him well. I even had a notebook for note-taking. (How cute and idealistic of me.) I abandoned that cause somewhere along the way, maybe somewhere around the second child...I'm not sure. I told myself I'd continue to take notes in my brain, but have you ever looked into the brain of a mom with four kids, one of which is thousands of miles away? It's not good in there. Lots of thoughts floating around in semi/pseudo organized fashion. I can't access the data that quickly. So, lesson learned. Take more notes, Jenny. (This explains why I am currently wearing a pink camo shirt that he gave me a long time ago. I know he likes it--or is at least trying to convert me to being a hunter with it--so I'm wearing it. Because I love to love him.)

Anyway, I digress. I was late, so I sat at a back table in a corner with two others. When discussion time came, my friend (who happens to be my husband's boyfriend's wife) and I chose to sit in on "the rowdy table," as we have affectionately named it. You know that table...the blunt, loud, laughing ladies you might secretly wish you were more like than not. 

They did not disappoint. My face hurt from laughing hard for one hour straight. Favorite terms included, "Don't I just deserve to relax on Facebook for an hour or more in the afternoon?" and, "Honey, I've been praying about it, and I think you should..." There was also a solid story about poop (punny?), as well as some actual gagging.

I cannot even begin to tell you what that hour did for my soul. I didn't ugly cry at all on Tuesday...I ugly laughed. It was bliss. (I don't remember the last time I laughed like a little kid, do you?)

Laughter is what I needed, and laughter is what I got. 

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