Sunday, December 27, 2015

Life is messy

I guess you could say that life is a bit busy these days.

More accurately, one could describe it as messy.

After a completely booked past two weeks, we are now on our way to our third family Christmas celebration in three days. Oaklee has had hives, been goopy-eyed and now has croup, Brody and I have had a cough for two weeks, and with all of these body aches I feel like I've been hit by a small truck. 

I'm in a battle with our non-insurance insurance company from Oaklee's delivery, and Brecken is still recovering from an accident that sent us to the ER with a split-wide-open tongue. I cannot even accurately describe how deeply his tongue was split open. We are talking flapping tongue parts from a huge gash on the back of his tongue. (I can't wait to get the bill for that trip. At least we got a stuffed panda out of it.)

By now you may have heard that my husband and I, along with two of our friends and a decent-sized group of people in our community, are planting a church. I fought against this idea hard and strong for a while there, but finally God showed me the light and made it pretty clear this is what we are supposed to be doing now. I've dropped my sadness, fear, and grief over our future at our current church in exchange for excitement. I can see that God is at work, so I have resigned to his better plan. 

We have been in the process of naming the church...I'm pushing hard for "4 Him & U2" but no one else has jumped on that bandwagon yet. They will all come around one of these days. 

So there's that. It's a bit stressful knowing that the comforts of a big church and the familiarity of the many of the people we have joined arms with over the last seven years will no longer surround us, but if I've learned anything at all in our adoption and baby journeys, it's that the Lord sustains. He will be in our midst, so I don't have to be afraid of where He leads us.

That said, since I "write good English" I have been designated as church by-law author and let me tell you, it's just thrilling work. Besides, I have nothing else going is super slow and boring, so I might as well fill my time with by-laws about elders, non-profits, rules, church discipline and voting quarums. Those 57 loads of laundry can wait. :o)

Then there's this adoption. The Embassy finally has a medical document corrected and back in their possession, but we are still waiting for them to issue a visa. Once that visa is issued our paperwork will be complete at DGM and they can make a determination on Clementine's medical exit letter. We PRAY they see fit for her to receive one to get medical care in the States and join our family VERY SOON. Please pray that she receives a visa early this week and then get cleared for a medical exit upon submission of her paperwork. We are praying God will work out some details (and I'll be making some more phone calls to DRC at 2 am to get a visa status check).

We have also begun working with City Sessions Bentonville and Pure Charity to start City Sessions Springfield. City Sessions  are monthly live music events that raise money for a cause. Our cause is Help One Now, which mobilizes local leaders and communities to create real change to address the orphan crisis, poverty, contaminated drinking water, and a myriad of other debilitating issues in the community. Help One Now will begin working in DRC this year, and we are excited to jump in and see how God uses us and our tribe in their endeavors.

And we have a teenager staying in our basement. He is a great kid who has endured a lot of disappointments, and the way he holds his head up and manages to be good at what he does is astounding. We aren't sure how long he'll be around, but he has brought even more life to our family and light to our basement. Our boys have asked him approximately 5,788 questions since he's been here. Poor guy! He didn't know what he was getting into with us!

So yes, our life is messy and continues to get messier. I feel like our house needs to be fumigated to rid it of the germs, and although I always enjoy Christmas and all that it reminds us of, I'm excited to pack up the Christmas stuff, sort and purge our everyday items, and buy ourselves a bit more space and a lot more "normal." 

Because we are so normal.

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