Thursday, December 3, 2015

adoption news

Ok, guys...a bonus post for a quick adoption update.

Because we finally have some things to update you on.

1. We have a passport for Clementine. HALLELUJAH!! Now all we need is a visa and that elusive Exit Letter.

2. We have been pursuing a medical exit letter for Clementine. We put her name on a list with the Embassy and then were asked to submit documents to DGM (the office that gives Exit Letters). Documents included our original dossier (official paperwork), passport, visa, and three medical opinions that state that she is sick and her condition cannot be treated in DRC. We knew it was a LONG SHOT that TB would be considered untreatable there, but it truly isn't treated well there and we have seen a few stories of children coming home with severely grave symptoms only to discover it was TB. She also had a severe case of tremors when she came into care that we want to get checked out through neurological exams to make sure there isn't a long-term problem.

We had been waiting for the medical letters for several weeks, but we finally got copies of them Monday. Our great friend translated them for us, and it turns out she also has a disease that affects her kidneys (as I learned from a quick google search), and she needs surgery that cannot be performed there. The doctors recommend that she be transferred to an equipped hospital outside of DRC.

All of this means we are praying & praying & praying she will receive an exit letter so she can be treated here. As you can imagine, have mixed emotions about this news of another medical issue. I hate that she has it but I hope and pray good will come of it.

3. We were told that the rep in DRC who works for our adoption agency will turn her medical reports in sometime this week. We haven't heard anything yet, and I am all sorts of anxious while trying to keep my cool in the wait. We are praying they truly are turned in this week (AND SOON), that the workers who review her case will have compassion, and that all of this leads to an exit that will allow her to be treated here with us, her family.

We covet your prayers as we await news.

(A few families have received medical exit letters lately. We hope and pray this is the beginning of great things for everyone.)

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