Monday, December 28, 2015

A visa

Clementine's visa has been issued! We have been waiting almost three weeks for this specific bit of great news, and we are so thankful to finally hear it. (I did some extra emailing and calling early this morning. Maybe all that begging helped, maybe it didn't.) 

Our reps in DRC can pick up the visa tomorrow, and we are praying when they drop it off the officials will see fit for her to receive a medical exit letter as well. 

There are a few other details that need to be worked out to get her home quickly. Please pray that she receives the promise of an exit letter and that God will work out details to bring her to us VERY SOON. 

We are in awe of our prayer warrior friends and family and of our great God's answers to prayer. He is in our midst, and we are so thankful.

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