Saturday, November 28, 2015

winning online

My mom and I braved the cold and rain early Friday morning to get some of our holiday shopping done, and I must say, we killed it. Tons of deals. (Belk for the win. No kidding...Belk! Tons of big-impact toys for small budgets.)

No children came with us, no lines at the checkouts, no fights. AND I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping. I think we can thank the rain. It poured and poured here, and most people probably chose to stay inside instead of braving the elements in search of good deals.

That said, I have a few more people for which I need to buy gifts, and I'll probably do that online. For one, it is no fun shopping with three young kids. ("Can I put this on my Christmas list?" is only cute for so long.)

Secondly, Ebates is knocking my socks off.

Let me tell you why it's so great:

1. Ebates has a registry of coupon codes, and in one click it will run every one of them through the code box at your checkout. If one coupon works, great! You've saved money! If two work, even better! If one works better than another and you can only apply one code, Ebates does the math for you and applies the best code to maximize saved cash money. So easy.

2. Ebates offers you cash back when you purchase items from online retailers (Old Navy, Target, Etsy, Walmart, Kohls, Tom's, etc.). All you have to do is choose your retailer through the Ebates app, the Ebates site, or through the installed and activated browser button. (All you have to do is click on the browser button to activate your Ebates account when you get to a page where you'll be doing some shopping. The button even changes colors to indicate when cash back and/or coupons are available.

3. Black Friday/Cyber Monday cash back percentages are HUGE this time of year, as well as at other random times of the year. 12% at Nike, 4% at Walmart, 6% at Kohl's, 10% at Groupon. It's kind of outrageous. I don't do a ton of online shopping, but when I do I try to use Ebates so that I get a percentage of the price of stuff I would already be buying comes right back to me via an actual check in the mail. Neat, huh? (Carter's is killing me with cuteness for Oaklee clothes, so if I order something I automatically get a small fraction back. Of course, I don't use this to legitimize my Carter's purchases or anything...)

4. There's even an Ebates app. Yep. It's easy.

Most people are probably already using Ebates, but if you're not I highly encourage you to try it. It can earn you lots of money. I have gotten checks for over $80 in the course of a year or so, and I don't even shop online that much. I am on a low-frills budget (Carter's makes this oh-so hard), so that amount of money came back to me from purchases I would be making even if I didn't have Ebates.

Full disclosure: You can earn $100 by referring 3 friends. Of course, I'd love to get $100 straight to my pocket because three people reading this used the links provided to sign up, BUT mostly I am sharing this because it's so free and easy and automatically earns money for things I'd be buying anyway.

Happy Cyber Monday-shopping!! Let's all get all of the shopping done early so we can enjoy the season, mmmkay?

As we say in our house, it's a win-win-win.

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