Monday, November 16, 2015

she's so dreamy

(We are praying huge prayers these days. I'm going to pretend to distract myself between those prayers by writing some of the posts I've had in my head for a long time but haven't had time to write.)

First up for the week, please excuse me while I absolutely GUSH about this girl. She is the sweetest, dreamiest, happiest baby ever.

I have to admit it was touch-and-go there for a little while around weeks 5-6. Everything was seriously awesome about her except for bedtime, which is when it is so important for things to be awesome. By 9 or 10 PM I was exhausted and ready to be sleeping and Oaklee would be like, "Hey, time to play!" or "I'm grumpy," or "Feed me." I really never knew which of those it was, so I tried a variety of remedies for all of the above and she still wasn't thrilled about life and at that point neither was I.

Then two amazing things happened:

1 -- She found her thumb, which is oh-so cute right now. (I realize it will not be so cute when she is four or five. We will cross that bridge when we get to it, but we need it right now.) That thumb changed our lives. Before the thumb, she acted repulsed by pacifiers, which meant I spent a most of my evenings nursing to comfort her because I thought that's what she wanted. After she found the thumb, I found that I could put her down in her bassinet and she would take a little while to find it BUT THEN SHE WAS GOLDEN.

 2 -- I figured out that she just likes to be put down when she's tired. I'm sure the thumb-sucking helped with this situation, but it's also possible I was trying too hard to get her to sleep at night. When I held her, she seemed to want to nurse, BUT I think if I would have just put her down in most instances she would have been happy to go to sleep. It's mildly depressing to think about how much sleep I lost because of this, but this scenario is rocking my face off now. Now when she starts looking tired or overstimulated I put her in bed and leave her alone. (I think this is the way people should deal with me.) She sometimes likes to snuggle and I do so gladly, but when I know she's tired the very best way to make her happy is to leave her and let her cute little thumb do its thing.

"Make the world go away." - Oaklee (and myself)

I know I'm not supposed to compare kids, but Brecken was not like this. He needed to be touched and moving ALWAYS, and he could tell the altitude difference between sitting and standing. (Brecken has many fine qualities. His sleep habits from age 0-1 were not among them. Sometimes his sleep habits at age 3 are not among them.) And we pretty much snuggled Brody any chance we got because we weren't sure until several months into his life that he would be ours forever. He is still quite a little snuggle-bug.

I should also mention that her cry is the daintiest little thing you'll ever hear. When she's tired or hungry, she usually lets us know with a little whimper-squeal. I am not joking. It's the cutest. She doesn't even cry in the middle of the night when she's hungry. In the past few weeks, I would just wake up to her cute little ambitious sucking noises and feed her, then put her back in bed, where she'd continue to sleep. She is so DREAMY! Last night, I didn't get her up for a feeding; she slept from 8:30-6:30. 10 hours!! (Try Babywise, people. We used it with Brody and Brecken, but I didn't have a ton of control over what happened when I was working.)

Some people say we deserved an easy baby with all the crazy baby stuff we've endured (and are currently enduring waiting for Clementine). I'm not sure if I could have handled a high-stress baby and a high-stress adoption at the same time, but God has always poured out his grace for us in circumstances we thought would be overwhelming, so I'm sure he would have done so again.

I just hope and pray that all of this current laid-back awesomeness doesn't come back as drama-drama-drama and bite us in the rear when she enters the tween years. If that's the case, we will require plenty of grace. Lord, help us.

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