Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I'm working a few post for today, but I've got a short thought or two to write about (between my obsessive email-checking and prayers for Clementine).

We got a baby girl cow last week. We are so dumb. But she's cute right now so that helps us feel slightly good about the decision.

And doesn't my husband look handsome in his dress shirt and overalls? Like a farmer who dabbles in manly man modeling.

We finally convinced the boys to name the poor heifer. You know what they chose? JOANNA. YOu want to know where that came from? Here's a hint:

Image from
Image from
ARE THEY NOT THE CUTEST? That is Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper. I might be slightly obsessed with the show, and I might have watched back-to-back episodes on Netflix like it was my job as a coping mechanism while waiting for important adoption info last week. (Chocolate has failed me. I think I have eaten so much it has lost its effect. I did not even know that was possible.)

So, yes, I believe my kids have named our heifer after Joanna. Sorry, Joanna. It's really a compliment. It proves that (A) I have watched the show nonstop for quite some time, and (B) my four-year-old likely thinks you're "beautiful."

Let me tell you, thought, Fixer Upper is the very best house show ever, and Chip and Joanna are the cutest couple ever. (And they are just good, genuine, Christ-following people, too.)

Furthermore, I have convinced Brad that we need to be more like them (even though he says they're probably faking their sweetness for TV...I think not). We are trying out the nickname "baby" to see if it'll stick. So far, it's extremely awkward, like calling your dog "Daisy" when her real name is "Pat." But we'll get there, right?

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