Thursday, September 17, 2015

A birthday post

A quick update for you...(typing on my phone with only my thumb so give me a little grace).

I am at the D6 Conference in Louisville. 

We rode here in a rented 2015 minivan. 

Jen Hatmaker is here, too, and I am now her BFF. No, actually we've never met. I don't even know if I want to meet her in person, because I'm awkward enough in normal life without someone's fame and general awesomeness hovering over me to steal my words and delete any trace of knowledge and wit from my brain.

I'll just admire from afar. (Your creep-o-meter register is jumping off the charts right now, I'm sure.)

It's my birthday, and I'm avoiding the magnifying mirror in the hotel bathroom like the plague. Who even uses those things? Probably the same type of person who enjoys watching people break femurs in football games or that weird channel on TV that shows surgeons making initial cuts into skin for heart surgeries. Gross. 

This hotel has plentiful pillows, cable and A/C for which I won't be billed. That means I may or may not actually make it out of my room to attend all sessions of the conference. (Oaklee needs to nurse, you know, and Property Brothers may conveniently be scheduled to air while she does so). 

However, I did just attend a session in which the speaker said boys' development leads them to act extra lovingly beginning around age 5. That means there is HOPE for those of us with boys age 4 and younger. If hope for crazy families is a constant theme, I need to attend all sessions. 

Also, Clementine's visa interview went well yesterday, meaning we are officially STUCK in the adoption process while DRC specifies when and how to issue Exit Letters gain.(Two-year anniversary of the suspension is next Friday. This is continual heartbreak.) 

I am asking for a minivan for my birthday. New lifetime low. 

Carry on. Pray for Clementine. 

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