Thursday, August 20, 2015


The mood around our house can best be described as pensive.

We are waiting for Baby O to make her grand entry. Her "nook" in our master bedroom is ready and waiting. Clothes washed. Floors cleaned. Even the master bathroom remodel is almost done. There's literally nothing I can do in there without Brad's help, so I'm just twiddling my thumbs around here while the boys run around like the two crazy kids they are.

We are waiting to hear from the Embassy in DRC regarding our Child Finder Interview and investigation. HOPING and PRAYING they have good news for us that we passed the investigation and are ready to get Clementine's visa.

And as of this morning, we are waiting to find out about a mysterious swollen throat and jawline on Clementine. We got an email from our agency saying she was sick and they tried to take her to the hospital to be checked, but without upfront payment they turned her away. Our agency wired the money this morning and in-country staff will try to access the money to take her back to the hospital tonight.

There are several nuances involved here that would not be happening if she were here with us, her family. She would have nearly immediate access to great medical care. She would not be refused treatment without upfront payment (because we, her family, could find a way to pay AND because the U.S. doesn't refuse care like that). Also, she probably wouldn't have this medical issue if she were here. (My preliminary "research" leads me to believe she has mumps, but I am waiting to hear from a doctor here.)

Lastly, she'd have a mama and daddy to hold her through this.

This waiting stinks. All of it. Please pray Clementine is kept safe and makes a quick return to health.

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