Monday, August 10, 2015

on our knees again

Once again, a few things to be on our knees about:

1. We have our make-up Child Finder interview tomorrow. This will be the third try to get this done, as the person who was to be interviewed (who found Clementine) did not show up to the last interview and supposedly wasn't allowed into the Embassy the first time. (We have heard it is very common for these interviews to take a few tries over there.

-- Please pray with us that he gets to his interview (and is allowed in) and can provide plenty of accurate information for Embassy officials to approve our case. (Once we are approved, Clementine will receive a visa interview appointment and--hopefully--be declared visa-ready. At this point, DRC kids are not being given passports, thus disabling them from receiving visas.

2. We have a conference call with the Department of State tomorrow regarding the state of adoptions in DRC. Assistant Secretary of Consular Affairs Michelle Bond traveled to DRC last week to discuss the crisis with several officials there, and we have heard conflicting reports about how those meetings went. One report says an official told Bond that all cases had been reviewed by the commission, meaning families should be be notified "soon" regarding their status and possible Exit Letters. Another--more negative--report stated that the DRC official wasn't truthful with Bond and only about 140 cases have been reviewed by the commission.

Even if the more positive of the two reports is true, we still don't know what the process for receiving Exit Letters will be moving forward, since this commission and review is a totally new step in the process.

Furthermore, we were told all cases would be reviewed by the end of July, and we have been told since April they hoped to get kids home "soon." No kids have come yet, but ANOTHER has died while waiting.

If you need me,  you'll find me on my knees or in Labor & Delivery.

*More info on the latest happenings in DRC adoptions: (When we thought kids were coming home "next week.")

**An article from the New York Times about upcoming elections in DRC that will undoubtedly cause all sorts of trouble in DRC that will likely affect our kids and possibly even put them in danger. This is yet ANOTHER reason these kids need to be home NOW. --

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