Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What's Happening THIS Wednesday

It's raining here. Again.

Happily, we were able to go to White Water and enjoy the mild, sunny weather with friends and family yesterday. (Thank you, Jill, for the free tickets!!). Picture this: Three pregnant ladies, five kids ages five-and-under, one husband, and a grandmother. We looked a bit like Sister Wives. But it was fun, and the boys were tired when we left. Win-win.

And Monday...Monday was the most glorious day of June weather in Missouri I've ever experienced. We spent all day outside, relishing in the low-80s temps and cool breeze.

Today I am sitting with my feet up, figuring out what else I might need for the Baby in my Belly while also somewhat freaking out about the large upcoming expenses (childbirth; adoption/travel; finishing a bathroom remodel; possible minivan purchase--SIGH; not to mention the simple act of feeding and insuring four kids). But mostly, I am getting excited.

First, let's talk about this master bathroom remodel. We began this on a snowy day (yes, 19 weeks ago, in February).

It sat around and we demolished minor aspects of the bathroom while we figured out exactly what we needed/wanted to do. We knew we needed to get rid of the bathtub, as we had NEVER used it and the water was often turned on by curious toddlers. Any amount of water in the tub pooled in the center, forcing us to clean it up every time a child turned the water on (daily). Or, if we didn't clean it, the pool of water left multiple disgusting yellow rings in the middle of the tub while it dried up on its own. After a Saturday full of water fiascos--one of which caused a hole in the ceiling of the room below our bathroom--we finally came to some decisions and called a plumber to do the expert-work. Then we waited approximately three weeks for him to call us back with his quote. He never called. Finally, we got a good plumber who finished the work in about a week,

(Just trying the tile color...not placing them like this.)
and "we" (Brad, while I said "yay") built a wall on Monday, leaving us here:

Now we can put drywall up and wait for some pros to come measure and create our inside shower walls. I hope we can get this done by the time this Baby pops out. (If not, it will be the second time we have a baby right in the middle of a bathroom remodel.)

Speaking of Baby...Brad just gave me another progesterone shot to keep Baby Girl in the oven a bit longer. I now only have to receive TWO MORE SHOTS. When I told Brad that this morning I think he may have stopped breathing for a second. We are just SO CLOSE to having a newborn in our midst. (I mean that quite literally...She will be living much of her little life in the nook of our bedroom, where we have a bassinet all ready to go.)

As I mentioned before, the doctor "basically" gave me the go-ahead to pop this baby out at the 34-week mark. I mean, she didn't really tell me to give birth at 34 weeks, but she did say anything past that mark is a bonus. That means that my last progesterone shot will be on July 14, and I can technically give birth any time after that. That's TWO WEEKS, people. (Of course, it might also be closer to eight weeks. That's ok. If anything, we are learning to be patient in waiting for our kids.)

July 14 is a big day for another reason, as our Child Finder interview will take place in DRC with the individual who found our Sweet Clementine and brought her to a foster home in DRC almost two years ago. (I wrote more about this here.) This is a big step in the I-600 investigation, which began (but nearly didn't begin!) on June 17. We are already praying about this interview process...that the individual would get to the appointment on time with all necessary paperwork and information, and that it would present a clear picture of the events of that night when C was found. We are hopeful that the investigators will find no red flags in the paperwork, which will enable them to complete the investigation by July 29.

And that's what happening this Wednesday. I'm off to pack some hospital bags, just in case.

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