Thursday, July 30, 2015

DRC happenings

Our Child Finder interview, originally scheduled for June 14, was rescheduled for today at 2 PM DRC-time. That means it should have taken place at 8 AM Missouri-time, but we probably won't hear anything for a few weeks.

The Embassy wrote to me last week saying that our child finder did not show up for the interview on the original date. This was extremely disheartening to hear, and I requested an explanation from our agency's contacts, along with a promise to try again and hold his hand to make sure he went to the interview. (I am OVER all of the delays...) However, our agency checked with in-country staff and discovered that he had actually gone to the interview and was not allowed in because the guard couldn't find his name on the list.

Anyway, I wrote back to the Embassy immediately to request another interview appointment for this week, and expressed to the Embassy representative my grief over another delay and my concern that DRC adoptions are in such a fragile state that I want to make sure we have done everything possible to make sure Clementine is visa-ready when children are finally given the green light to leave the country and join their families.

The representative was exceptionally kind and gave me two options for appointments this week. Her name is Suzanne and I pray that God blesses her for her quick response and apparent compassion for our situation.  Sometimes an adoptive mom in crisis just wants to know someone is listening. Bless you, Suzanne. (I have thanked her profusely in every email I've written.)

Now we wait to hear something. I prayed that all went well, that the child finder was allowed into the Embassy for his appointment, that he was able to clearly convey necessary information to the Embassy officials, that the information he provided would create a complete picture that would prompt officials to clear our case without any questions whatsoever. I have hope that's what happened.

As for the adoption crisis, we continue to pray that children are allowed to join their families soon. Several members of  Congress have written and signed a letter to DRC's Parliament, urging a rapid resolution to the crisis (I mean, we are SO much closer to a resolution than ever before...we just can', and it has been reported that Acting Assistant Secretary of Consular Affairs Michelle Bond will hand-deliver the letter when she visits DRC about this issue next week.

In other news, a great man and his family in DRC lost nearly all of his belongings in a house fire, and an adoptive mom has set up a fund to help him get through this tough time (although he doesn't know about it and would not like it if he did know).

His name is Papa John--AKA "Cowboy John"--and although I have never met him, I have read so many great things about him that I desperately want to help him.  He helps adoptive parents in a range of ways, from driving them all over DRC to visit their kids to checking on kids in orphanages when parents are unable to do so. Recently, he went to an orphanage to check on a sick child, and after gathering information he even snapped a few pictures of the little girl so her parents could see her. This might not sound like much, but to an adoptive parent who cannot be near her child when she is sick, this is EVERYTHING.

Papa John needs to make several repairs to his house, but because of the adoption crisis he hasn't had as much work to complete for adoptive parents and, therefore, isn't making a steady income. (But don't think he's just in it for the money. He is known for refusing money people offer as a tip because, as he has sweetly stated, he "didn't earn it.") He will not like accepting money offered to him now, but hopefully he will see it as a blessing from people he has blessed. Although I have never met him or requested his services, just learning about him and his kind heart has blessed me. If you have extra money lying around, please consider helping a very kind man who has helped so many others without requesting a thing in return.

If you feel inclined to give to Papa John, you can do so by visiting this link:

Keep praying.

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