Monday, July 20, 2015

bunches of lotz

You may have noticed a change or two around the blog. Most significantly, the picture at the top of the page has been changed to reflect the upcoming changes in our family.

When I named my blog many years ago, I wasn't aware that I was creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, here we are, expecting to fill those two empty seats in our picture with two little girls soon.

Bunches of Lotz it is.

I expect to have the littlest of those baby girls in my arms any day now. I got the last of my weekly progesterone shots last Wednesday, so I halfway expect to go into labor in the few days following my first missed shot this Wednesday. (Brad gave me my shots the last several weeks, people. Talk about trust! He didn't even practice on an orange, as suggested by the nurse, but he still left me less sore than most of the shots given by the pros.)

I'm going to throw out a date here: July 25. I half-heartedly predict I'll go into labor on that date. Really, I only say that because Brad is doing the teaching at church on Sunday (the 26th) and, considering all of the other exotic entrances of our children into our family, they don't just saunter into our family nonchalantly. They come with a bang. Or at least an ordeal of some sort.

July 25th is also Clementine's 2nd birthday, and for the second time we will be celebrating her from across the ocean. I have no guesses about when she will be in my arms. I HOPE and PRAY it will be in 2015, but as of today children still haven't received Exit Letters, despite DRC's promises. (We are calling the White House and our Reps and Senators about this DAILY, in case you are interested in some advocacy for us. President Obama will be in Africa soon, and we are asking him to discuss this adoption crisis with President Kabila personally.)

I'll be back soon with further updates, thoughts on failing at parenting, and some of my favorite pics from our session with Ziegler Photography.

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