Sunday, June 28, 2015

revisiting marmville

People, I am here to (possibly) eat my words. Less than one year ago, I shared my somewhat shallow opinion of minivans. This was back when we expected Clementine to join us soon and had no idea that we would be expecting another girl within the same timeline. We were researching vehicle options, and I had discarded all minivan options as quickly as they'd come in.

Way back in January, when we found out we were expecting another girl (in addition to Clementine), I lived in denial about the need for a minivan for a bit. In fact, I still might be living in a bit of denial, because it's possible that we can make our (cute, non-minivan) Highlander work. However, I bought a double stroller the other day (at Sweet should GO THERE!), and quickly learned that a stroller (double or not) will not fit in the minuscule space behind the third row of seating. Furthermore, the third row doesn't split in half to enable me to fold down only one chair at a time, thus allowing one child to sit back there. The only way I could get that stroller in my car was to lift it over the top of the seat and stick the stroller handle up into the air. I'm not sure if that's the safest option for travel with one child riding back there. Not to mention the fact that I'm not certain that I can fit three children's seats (baby seat and two boosters) in the second row of seating and place only one child in the back row.


I haven't given up on my cute SUV yet. We will have to wait and see how it all works out once we have all four kids here. However, I thought I'd go ahead and throw it out there that I will eat my words about minivans with humility, grace, and gusto if necessary. I suppose this was bound to happen.

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