Monday, June 1, 2015

contraction crazy

Hello Third Trimester. (Yay.)

Hello glucose test. (Boo.)

Goodbye stomach bug. (Praise the LORD.)

My last post was written right after I called my OB/GYN and right in the middle of a three-day calling spree to my nurse with a trip to Labor & Delivery in between. (Great, now I am THAT girl.) I joked with the nurse that she was so nice I just was just wanted to talk to her on the phone.

I wouldn't normally want to go in to the doctor, but since I was dilated so much without knowing it last time, I wanted to make sure I didn't drop this girl out into the world in my unfinished bathroom floor without even realizing she was close to coming out. When I felt five contractions in 35 minutes, I knew I had to go, even though I was pretty sure I wasn't in labor.

By way of an update, results from my trip to Labor & Delivery indicated that all was well with Baby Girl, and a special protein test even indicated that I would not go into labor within the next seven days. The nurse said some studies have even shown it can predict that one will not go into labor in the next two to three weeks. Can you even believe that sort of test exists?! It's pretty awesome. I almost want to go in every three weeks just to see where things stand in this pregnancy. But I won't. Hopefully.

While I was there on the monitor, I noticed that some of the pains I was having that felt like contractions were not being picked up by the monitor, which confused me to no end. Why would I be feeling contractions without it being indicated on the monitor? Could the pain just be in my head? (Was I crazy?)

Overall, my uterus (I'm talking about my uterus on the internet...nice.) looked "irritated," but good nonetheless. However, while in the bed I started getting really hot. Then I got really chilly. Odd.

When I finally left, I felt good about Baby but still sickly in general. I experienced major cramping that night but went to the gym to walk the next morning when my stomach felt better because I had already spent so much time in bed. My husband would not allow me to run, but I honestly didn't want to anyway. My body was so achy! That afternoon and evening the contractions returned and I returned to my bed, feeling like I would vomit from the come-and-go pain. I still felt hot and chilly at the same, and I finally called the nurse again, this time asking about flu symptoms. The flu hasn't been reported in our area in a while, but it could be a different virus, she said. She said I could take Tylenol for the pain. (And oh how it helped!)

The next day, it was the same thing all over again. Fine in the morning, horrible in the afternoon. Finally, I began to sweat as my apparent fever began to break.

My friend texted me to check on me after reading my last post, and when I told her how I was feeling she said she had stomach cramps and was terribly sick the week before. She even described her stomach cramps as feeling like contractions, and she's not pregnant. This made me feel WAY less crazy for feeling like I was having contractions and going to L&D, and it explained why I was feeling "contractions" without them registering on the monitor screen.

In summary, if you are pregnant and feeling intermittent contractions, you may not be in labor, and you may not even be feeling "contractions." (My "contractions" were so sporadic that I couldn't figure out how long they were or how much time passed between them, so when they asked me how long they were I had no clue how to answer. I think I answered "five minutes" once, which probably made the nurse laugh at me silently.)You may actually have a stomach virus (but that doesn't mean a check with your doctor for some contractions monitoring won't make you feel a ton better).

In that case, poor you. The good news is when it's over your abs will be so sore you'll feel like you've just done five full P90X ab workouts.

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