Wednesday, June 10, 2015

a return to WHW

For today, a return to "What's Happening Wednesday," because I can't keep up with life. Therefore, this will be a very scattered post consisting of several unrelated thoughts.

I have been working on completing, compiling and correcting TONS of paperwork. Court documents, I600's, I864's, DPOA's, G-28's, visas, birth certificates, judgments, etc. 

I sent in a request for a visa last Wednesday and we got our visa in the mail Friday. (A quick note about that post office trip: It was after a long morning of volleyball and baseball camps, nap-times had come and gone, the line of customers was almost out the door, the office was having "technical difficulties," a nice woman (who attempted to compliment me by saying I looked like a mom and asking where I got my athletic capris) was talking my ear off while my kids ran around the store and I tried to find info in my Facebook feed about the specifics of mailing a DRC visa request to get it approved and sent back quickly. Halfway through the line Brecken piped up to tell me he had to go poop, to which I responded with, "You've got to hold that in there."  My turn at the front of the line came, and I had to fill out four more pieces of paper with correct info to make sure to get all paperwork where it needed to go and to make sure the money order was written to the right entity for our visa, all while my kids attempted to open and close all of the mailboxes at the office and Brecken came back occasionally to tell me--and everyone else in the store--he had to poop. We finally made it out of there about 40 minutes later, ran to the car, and drove to a nearby store to park and poop as quickly as a pregnant woman and her two preschoolers could possibly get to the bathroom in the back of the store. I sincerely doubted I got all of the right info and documents sent off to the DRC Embassy for a visa, so it was a miracle we received the thing two days later.)

Brad has been procuring anti-malaria meds, snack foods, clothing that doesn't need to be washed, and mosquito repellant, among other things. I have been filling him in on the strong possibility that someone will attempt to rob him or steal his phone in DRC, and I'm putting sticky notes on every document that he will need to turn in during his appointment at the Embassy so he's not worried about doing something wrong.

Brad has been growing us some good veggies to eat soon. He has also stained the deck (looks great!) and completed hundreds of "honey-do" projects around the house while we continue to wait for a plumber to call us back so we can get the shower base out of our bedroom and into its correct position in our "soon"-to-be-remodeled bathroom. ("Soon" is sooo relative.) It's a good thing our bedroom is on the large side.

Speaking of the master bedroom, we also have five dressers in there (and I'm about to add a changing table/dresser combo to the mix). This is partly due to Baby Girl on the way, but also because of the still uncompleted bathroom (one dresser will move in there when it's done), and the fact that we may very well have four kids (six people total) living on the top floor of our house (in only two bedrooms). We shall see how this goes. We may all just move downstairs. 

I've been sorting baby girl clothes given to us by the best friends ever. (I seriously don't think I'll have to buy any new girls' clothes...not that I won't cave in occasionally. Girl clothes are 100 times more fun to buy than boy clothes.) I've also been trying to figure out exactly what I did with all of our baby stuff from two years ago. I know I put it all somewhere...

I am finally letting it sink in that we will have a newborn girl in our house in about two months. This pregnancy has FLOWN by. Maybe it's because there are plenty of things to occupy my time and thoughts. Or maybe it's because the "gestational period" for our other daughter, Clementine...the one who remains in DRC...has been over two years long. Makes nine months seem like nothing. 

The boys have been talking about their baby sisters, asking when I'm going to "get the one in my belly out," asking why Clementine isn't here yet, and talking to Baby in my Belly. (Specifically, Brecken has been leaning over to whisper "poopy" to her in my belly. He seems to genuinely think that "poopy" is a sweet thing to say, which is unfortunate.)

They've also been playing in water outside and attending camps, then falling asleep in only their undies and baseball gloves. :o)

We are all sleeping pretty well, actually, except for those of us that are pregnant and/or thinking of the million things that need to happen soon or could go wrong with paperwork or a husband's trip to Africa. :o)

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