Thursday, May 28, 2015


I'm learning something about myself: One of the worst things you can tell me is to "just rest" or "just relax."

I spent much of yesterday timing contractions and/or cramps and calling my doctor's office, then putting my feet up while my parents watched the boys (who are absolute SAINTS) for a few hours and I tried to will contractions to stop. 

I'm 27 weeks along, and since in my previous pregnancy I was admitted to the hospital at 29 weeks, I am trying to be a little bit more in tune to what's happening in my body this time around. (With my first, Brecken, I was having contractions every two minutes and was dilated to a six without feeling a thing. I went to the hospital because I was leaking amniotic fluid, which--in the beginning--I thought was just me uncontrollably peeing on myself.)

When I spoke to my doctor's nurse, she listened to my whole explanation of what I was experiencing and was extremely nice about it, then, of course, she told me to rest and drink lots of water, then go straight to labor and delivery if contractions got closer together or more intense. 

Naturally, I had a difficult timing contractions when I have two kids who need attention and food and discipline and supervision. And relaxing? Not my favorite thing to do. I did go sit at my parents' for a few hours, but after I felt better I decided we needed to get home. 

I spent much of last night wishing a trip to labor and delivery was a quick and speedy process and an easy decision to make. I'd feel much better if I just knew that all was well and normal. 

I had planned to take it easy today, but there are breakfasts to be made, clothes to be cleaned, laundry to be folded, dishes to wash, and general unruliness to be tamed. 

When I stood up, I felt some significant pelvic pressure. So here I am, back in bed, wondering if I will have to spend several weeks here and wishing pregnancy was simple. I am getting progesterone shots, so before now I hadn't really been concerned about a second round of preterm labor. Now I'm not so sure. 

Now I'm wondering what will happen in my family if I have to be on bed rest for several weeks. Obviously, we will have to rely on help from friends and family. The only time I remember crying last time I was on hospital bed rest was when the occupational therapist came in around Day 8 and asked me about Brody, who was 16 months old at the time. He hadn't been able to visit much because of the combination of his "busyness" and all the wires and equipment in the room. It made my day when the OT said we could plan a time to make cookies with him while I continued on bed rest. 

For today, I think movies are in order around here. It's looking like a rainy day ahead, and Brody will love the chance to watch movies. Brecken doesn't sit still for much, but maybe some puzzles and books will hold him still for a little while. 

Thankfully, my parents and the rest of my family live close, and they are always willing to help. We are SO thankful for my parents, but we worry two boys will wear them out after a certain amount of time!

As for me,  if I end up on full bed rest again, I've developed a list of things I can do instead of silently stressing, like I did most of last time.
  • finish the boys' baby books (um, yes, it's about time)
  • create our 2014 family yearbook
  • read dumb, mind-stupifying books 
  • read some classics
  • do a Bible study
  • write more
  • create a photo book for Clementine
  • learn Lingala (C's language)
  • remind myself how to parent a newborn
  • figure out where all of our baby stuff is (we let other people use it...I just don't remember who!)
  • actually finish a Pinterest project (How many have I started? Approximately 237.)
  • make a rag banner for Baby Girl's nook in our room
  • create vocabulary cards with pics of daily activities and objects for Clementine
  • make little girl accessories (headbands, bracelets, necklaces, bows, ahhh!)
  • sleep
  • re-read Don't Make Me Count to Three
  • watch all the dumb/classic movies I have never made time to sit down for (I only recently watched Dirty Dancing, people...)
  • learn how to sew something
  • plan next summer's husband-and-wife-only getaway (I'm pretty sure Brad is already thinking about this possible necessity. So who wants to watch our four kids?)
  • not stress
  • con people into doing my laundry and dishes at home, then into helping Brad finish our demo'd bathroom :o)
  • ask for that OT to visit me and get a cookie-baking party on the books sooner. (The fact that Brody was nearby and I could not hug him or do an activity that helped keep him busy and happy was KILLER last time.)
Any other great ideas from those of you who have had to rest for a while? 

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