Wednesday, May 20, 2015

dance party

Dance party in our kitchen.

Happening right now. (Dancing to Taylor Swift, in case you were boys--all boys, let's be honest--love her.)

I awoke to a slew of announcements on Facebook stating that DRC announced the end of the Exit Letter Suspension. This news is huge, and it serves as a quasi-confirmation of all the good rumors we have been hearing since mid-April and the positive stories I shared in yesterday's post.

It seems that the end of the suspension is official. (Yet, see my disclaimer at the end of this post...) Kids will come home "soon." We are still waiting to see how this all plays out. With over a thousand cases involved in the wait, there are plenty of logistics to be worked out in DRC, and there are plenty of anxious families who have been waiting, crying, and holding their breath since September 2013 (over 600 days). Some of those families were literally one piece of paper away from bringing their kids home, and they have stuck it out amongst a myriad of temptations to run away, dissolve adoptions, or cheat the system, thus putting other families and their children at risk.

A few good sources say that children will begin coming home NEXT WEEK. As I shared yesterday, some sources say 40 children will go home next week. Because of the sources, I assume those children will be going home to French/European families. To me, it doesn't really matter WHO is going home; it just matters that KIDS WILL BE JOINING THEIR FAMILIES SOON.

And that means that "soon" Sweet Clementine will be with us. Soon is so relative. 

I hope the families who have been waiting the longest get their kids home first. Some have been waiting three or four years since they began the adoption process. They need their kids home. Their kids need to be home with them. Healing needs to begin now.

So we will wait and see, as has become our custom in adoption. We are still waiting for our court documents to be corrected (argh...they were completed incorrectly in OCTOBER) so we can file paperwork in DRC requesting the US to do a mandatory investigation into Clementine's orphan status.

Before the suspension, these US investigations were taking 6-9 months, which is purely unacceptable. We have heard that with the lifting of the suspension USCIS will add new employees to expedite the process. We hope and pray that's the case. There is no reason for the US to be the reason kids are separated from their families after this excruciatingly long wait.

We hope to file the paperwork in mid-June, meaning we would then be waiting on the US to investigate and clear her to receive a visa, THEN we could request to bring her home from DRC.

For now, we are trying to get one girl--Clementine--home soon, and we are trying to keep one girl--the little bun growing in my oven--out of our home until August. (I'm getting weekly progesterone shots in hopes that we don't repeat a 9-week premature birth scenario like we had with Brecken.)

As an aside, things are aligning almost exactly as I predicted: Brad will probably be in DRC filing paperwork, meeting our little girl, and/or bringing her home as I go into labor here. (Skype birth, anyone?) I WILL NOT complain if that's the hand we are dealt. At least that would mean our family will be together faster than we could have imagined, which has been my prayer! 

And finally, I must admit that I did something I probably once said I'd never do. I caved and bought my first set of matching outfits for our girls. I suppose this was bound to happen.

For now, we are praising God and praying for more goodness. 

(For further info, take a look at our adoption timeline to get an idea of what this process has been's not fully updated, as there has been plenty to update lately!)

**Just as I hit "Post" on this blog, I received an email from our Department of State saying that the DRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated to Embassy officials that the suspension has not, in fact, been lifted. Some news organizations might have mistaken the official request for dossiers in DRC to be the end of the suspension. I believe if the suspension is not lifted today, it will be lifted soon; we just don't have the "official" announcement we thought we had this morning. Still dancing here. Just not "officially" going joyfully berserk. 

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