Sunday, April 19, 2015

waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting

We were supposed to hear something Tuesday of this past week, Wednesday at the latest. We expected good adoption news, possibly even great news. I reinstalled Facebook on my phone and proceeded to check it exponentially more than usual to make sure I didn't miss an announcement.

No announcement came. There were rumors of an announcement. There were PLENTY of rumors, actually. They were rumors that kept me checking my phone, email, Twitter, and Facebook. (You don't know "crazy" until you meet an adoptive mom who is awaiting some elusive announcement or information about her daughter. It was like chasing a hundred-dollar bill attached to a string being pulled by DR officials. I would take a step forward for a closer look, my hand would be ready for action, then--boom--the bill would be pulled farther away, out of my grasp.

Rumors went something like this: "There will be an important meeting today to discuss the Exit Letter Suspension." "The meeting might not happen." "The meeting happened and it was good but we have no further information." "Information will be released soon." "My friend has read a letter that was drafted after the meeting containing undoubtedly good news." "There will be an announcement in one hour." "There will be an announcement at the end of the DRC Congressional session tonight."

Until finally, "maybe there will be an announcement Monday."

And then the entire group of adoptive parents who were hearing the rumors vowed to eat terribly all weekend as a coping mechanism. I may or may not have just filled up on a chocolate strawberry-banana-topped sundae. With fudge on top.

So we wait--again--for an announcement, or at least another round of rumors to keep the hope alive.

And while we're at it, we might as well wait for Clementine's birth certificate to be changed, since it was written wrong originally. Just one more thing to wait for in this adventure.

And while we wait for that, we might as well wait to see if we get a Letter of Invitation to enter DRC (to file documents and/or to bring our girl home, if all goes well). Based on information from our agency, hopes are high that kids will come home SOON.

But for now, we hope that tomorrow will be the end of the waiting on many fronts, and we know with certainty that we will have at least one question answered, but that's a question I can't even share with you yet.

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