Thursday, April 30, 2015

two forward, one back

We are still waiting with bated breath for the good rumors we keep hearing from DRC to come to fruition. We are well into the third week of hearing amazing, life-changing rumors that would change the adoption crisis for the better, but so far we have heard nothing official from DRC.

I don't use the term "crisis" flippantly here. The constant checking of my phone for emails and alerts has reached an all-time high, and when I turn in for the night I am usually at some sort of new low as a result of silence out of DRC. It is a constant struggle to remind myself that God is completely in control and, as my dad reminded me, when He says the Word, our girl will come home.

Meanwhile, we have made slight progress and experienced slight setbacks on the paperwork side of things. Our Letter of Invitation is done, which means we can soon apply for a visa for Brad to travel over and file our I-600 paperwork. Also, my now-good friend, Layne, at USCIS tells me that our I-600A extension has now been approved after our submission of a new home study in response to an RFE (Request for Evidence).

This means that if our stinking adoption paperwork from DRC didn't have errors in it, Brad could be traveling over to file paperwork and hold our little girl VERY SOON. BUT, alas, we are still waiting for an error to be corrected on her birth certificate, which will then have to be translated again. (It had the wrong date, for goodness' sake.) And today, while looking at the 14-page I-600 form I have to fill out, I noticed that her adoption judgment has three different dates of birth listed for her, all in different places throughout the judgment. So, I'm guessing correcting that will put us back at least another month in the wait. So frustrating that I can't just take care of the errors on my own and not wait for other people. But such is life, I guess.

And that's where we stand. (Meanwhile, I have a slight dress obsession now that I know two little girls are coming my way soon. We are going to need more closet space.)

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