Wednesday, April 22, 2015


We got some news on Monday, but it wasn't news from DRC regarding our adoption.

It involved this:

That's right, kids. Not only do we have a daughter in DRC, but we also have a daughter in my belly.

Surprise. (For real.)

She'd better keep her head on a swivel when she makes her appearance in late August. (Or in late July at the earliest--we hope--depending on how this pregnancy goes. Brecken set the precedent with a rather dramatic and early entrance!)

She is kicking away as I type this, and I'm racking my brain with ideas about how life will look with four kids, ages four-and-under, and WHEN both of our girls will get here, and WHERE we are going to put all of these tiny people (only two total bedrooms upstairs, people).

And then the thought (often) crosses my mind that we will probably get the call that says, "Come get your daughter from DRC and bring her home!" and Brad will leave the USA and I'll go into labor within the hour. Because that's how we Lotz's welcome kids into our family...with as much craziness as possible, it seems.

But don't worry about us if it gets crazy this summer and our family is spread across the nations collecting our children to bring them home all at the same time. We are ready to have them all together (and we would welcome any news that suggests Clementine will join us SOONER rather than later).

A little craziness never stopped us before.

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