Monday, April 13, 2015

more questions than answers

I was fulfilling nursery worker duties yesterday during our church service, but I heard Brody made it into the sermon because of his propensity to ask "why" at least a thousand times during dinner.

The kid does know how to exasperate the question-answer game. One time in the car, I was so tired of playing answer-girl, I told him I just couldn't answer any more "why" questions at the moment. He responded with, "What's a why question?" And thus continued the eternal questioning.

I can't blame him for being curious or wanting to understand everything around him better. I have my moments of questions, too. Mostly, I ask those questions of God. "Why is this adoption taking so long?" "Why do you allow the innocent to suffer in sickness or death?" "Why are some people so blessed with access to clean water and medicine while others have no way of even helping themselves?"

I have no answers for those questions except what the Word has revealed to me, mostly through difficult situations. God is always good, He loves us, and He makes all things beautiful in his time.

Right now there are plenty of questions floating under the surface for our family. They aren't particularly hard or thought-provoking questions; most of them revolve around timing and our own curiosity. We continue to hear GREAT things (although still word-of-mouth news rather than official announcements), which we hope means that adopted DRC children will be joining their families in homes very soon. This great DRC progress has come alongside the great adoption progress on a personal level, as we are officially Clementine's family.

So, we have some great news about Clementine, and we have some potentially great DRC adoption news that we hope to hear very soon, and it leaves us wondering WHEN and HOW all of this will take place.

When will we be able to file our I-600 (still waiting on I-600a extension and a birth certificate correction)? I am hoping to file sometime in early May, but that may be optimistic. How will we file it? (We had planned to travel to DRC to file, but that may change based on new info regarding I-600 processing priorities.) Will we both travel to DRC to get her? How will she react to us? Where will she sleep? Will she do better with the boys in their room? What will the boys think of her? We pray for her every night, and we talk about her and see pictures of her often, but I'm not sure that they understand "sissy" will be in our home and part of our daily lives soon.

On top of adoption stuff, we have another large and exciting iron in the fire at the moment, which leaves us wondering if all exciting things will be happening at the same time. (They probably will, as they seem to do with our family!)

I have sorted through many different scenarios regarding the timing of these big events, trying to make some sort of plan that will accommodate several different scenarios. I don't have to know the answers to all of my questions, but it sure would be nice to have some sort of clue about how it all might go down or what to expect. (That's me...I like to know so I can plan.)

We will for sure know more next week. We hope to know more tomorrow, and that seems to be a continuing theme in this, one of the last legs of our adoption journey.

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