Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Good Wednesday

We received a few tidbits of good news today related to the DRC adoption situation, which reminded me of the great adoption news (miracle? maybe.) we received on Good Friday four years ago

First of all, yesterday we learned that President Obama discussed the adoption situation with President Kabila (President of DRC). From what I gather, Obama is seen as a hero of sorts in DRC, and the fact that he has used his power to address the situation personally with President Kabila may be extremely impactful. (An official readout from the call is here.)

A Congressional conference call yesterday also indicated that Michele Bond (Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Bureau of Consular Affairs) found sympathetic ears regarding the adoption crisis during her recent trip to DRC. The leaders she met with agreed that the children should be with their adoptive parents, and she said that she is hopeful that there will be good news coming soon. 

Secondly, today our agency stated that they were hearing rumors out of DRC that a letter to lift the Exit Letter Suspension (set in place in September 2013) is on the desk of a very powerful person in DRC. The rumors suggested that there plans for getting children home in a specific order (grandfathered cases, then cases through court before the suspension, etc.). The fact that there seems to be a set plan for getting children home in a somewhat defined order is even more encouraging than the fact that someone is thinking of lifting the suspension, because it's something we've never heard before. I am now praying for that specific person on whose desk the letter (supposedly) sits by name, and I remain hopeful that he will sign the letter and set the wheels in motion to get kids home to their families. 

Lastly, our DRC court documents have been corrected!! They are now being translated, and while we wait for that, we need to decide whether or not to file our I-600 in DRC or just mail it in from the States. We have heard that filing in DRC takes less time, but it takes 2-3 months to get all of the approvals we would need to travel to DRC and file there. Therefore, it's possible that amount of time in planning a trip could negate the time saved when waiting on I-600 approval. (And traveling to DRC twice, once to file and once to get Clementine, would obviously cost more money.)

That's what we know. Please pray that this Suspension is over VERY SOON. 

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