Wednesday, March 11, 2015

a slow pulse

Today I saw one of the greatest sights I've seen yet in this adoption journey: a name. But not just any name; it was C's first name with our last name!

Clémence Lotz (PRON: "clay-monts loats")

Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

If you remember from this post, some of our documents were done incorrectly, as they had Bradlee's name written wrong. We received one of those corrected documents today, and we are waiting for them to correct the others.

Today's document was the Judgment of Adoption (finally!!), which means the next document we receive SHOULD BE (fingers crossed and prayers lifted up) the Act of Adoption, the final step in the DRC courts. The Act of Adoption takes place 30 days after the Judgment of Adoption and officially pronounces her as our daughter and enables us to file I-600 paperwork with the US government so they can begin their investigation into her status as an orphan.

The good news: This Judgment of Adoption was dated October 29, 2014. This means our Act of Adoption should have been done November 29, 2014. The bad news: We don't know where it is, but we are hoping it's on its way. (It can often take a 2-3 months for the paperwork to get into adoptive parents' hands...just a part of the process there.)

We still have a long journey ahead of us in this adoption, but we are so thankful to see that something is happening.

The name "Clémence" was given to her by one of her first caretakers. It means mercy. We continue to pray for just that.

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