Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What's Happening Wednesday

Way back in 2013 I shared the goings-ons of the Lotz family each Wednesday in a post called "What's Happening Wednesday."

That's because there was so much going on that it was hard to keep track of it, and a catch-all post was the best way to tie everything together.

I'm reverting back to a "WHW" post today because, well, there is plenty happening and I don't have time to expound on all of it. I'll hit you with the "blurb" version of the happenings (and also a few of my opinions):

  • Still working on our home study update. Paperwork. Medicals. Fingerprints. TB tests. References. Fun. I am always incredibly thankful for the Genius Scan app, which has changed my life for the better in a million ways, particularly in the adoption aspect of my life. 
  • Brad has given into my adoption addiction. He mentioned to Brody that maybe one day he would have a sister from China. Brody doesn't forget anything (except hand-washing), so this is basically a given. I guess that means we will be adopting a Chinese girl in our future. I can't say I'm disappointed. :o) (However, I'd like to go ahead and finish up our CURRENT adoption...and now please.)
  • If there was a Sam's Club within 5 miles of my house, we MIGHT eat there every day for lunch. Cheap, tasty (Their soft pretzels!!), healthy (probably not the soft pretzels), and free crumb cleanup. 
  • We Lotz's have a few other exciting things up our sleeves for 2015. I can't divulge details at this time, but you should know that they are kind of big. 
  • My mom got another Stitch Fix and kept EVERYTHING they sent her. (Everything was really cute and I'm hoping to borrow a few things!) I'd say that was a success. I'd also say that if you think Stitch Fix is just for 20-somethings, you are wrong. I won't divulge my mom's age, but I'm not even a 20-something anymore, so...)
  • We have begun a minor/major bathroom renovation. With some major snow coming down outside, Brad went ahead and took out a cabinet and part of a wall in the bathroom, then capped all of the plumbing to allow us to do some transformative work in there. The only problem: We don't have a clear plan for the bathroom yet. Oh well, at least we know SOMETHING has to happen in there now. I can't keep showering in the 4'6" shower in the boys' bathroom, nor can I constantly hang out in their pee-crazy environment. 
  • Brody had a checkup (part of the home study update process.) He is in the 93rd percentile for weight and 98th percentile for height. Big boy, for sure. The only downfall to his size is that people assume he's six years old and should be reading by now. They also assume he should be past the meltdown phase. He is not. He is incredibly sweet, though...I read him an adoption-related storybook last night and, therefore, teared up a bit thinking about how he came to us (It's best for my emotions if I just read without thinking too deeply, which I did not do last night.) He asked why I was talking funny, then saw a tear and left immediately for the bathroom to get a tissue. He then came right back to me and held my face in his hands to wipe my tears. He will be a gentle, caring, sensitive husband one day. 
  • I got some great advice the other day, so good that I think it's worth passing along: When (not if) you pray for your kids, pray that they would be found out the very first time they sin. This way, we (parents) can address their sins immediately without a long history of secret sin that seems acceptable to our kids until it destroys them. (See Numbers 32:23, Ephesians 5:13, Proverbs 5:22, Isaiah 59:12) I think about lying...I want my kids' lies to be found out the very first time they tell them so they can be reproved for it instead of them continuing to tell lie after lie until they get to a point of no return.
  • Lastly, our boys are becoming good friends. This means they beat up on one another every now and then, but they also create obstacle courses around the living room with the couches, chairs, cushions, and pillows. But they are at their closest at bedtime when the avoidance of sleep becomes their greatest goal. They share a bedroom, so after tucking them in we often hear the rolling of wheels as they scoot their beds together, then we hear their muffled giggles, bonking heads and dropped pillows, and boy stories. ("Poop," "toot," and "booty" are all staple vocabulary words at this time.) It's a great time to listen and enjoy their childhood, until it gets absolutely ridiculous with jumping on beds and--sometimes--crying in hurt or anger. Obviously we try to stop things before they get to this point, but we hate to interrupt a good story or brother giggle session. Oh, the balance of parenting. (<===This is actually a very general statement that not only related to bedtime shenanigans but also the constant tension in my heart of mercy and justice, as I tend to lean to the  justice side of things.)
And there you have it. That's what's happening.

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