Tuesday, February 17, 2015

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We are well past the 500-day mark for families who have been waiting to unite their families with their adopted children from DRC. In those 500 days of waiting, over one dozen children have died in DRC without access to advanced medical care that life in the States would have afforded them. Malaria, dysentery, heart problems...all have taken lives during the wait for bring kids home, and only one piece of paper separates life from death.

Both Ends Burning, an advocacy group that seeks to help protect the rights of orphaned children, has set up a new petition pleading for help from President Obama to bring these legally adopted children home. Many people in the DRC adoption community believe that words directly from Obama would go a long way in persuading Kabila (DRC's President) to let the children go home. For over 500 days now, the children have been used as pawns in Kabila's political scheme to maintain control in DRC. (He has made it clear that he wishes to run for a third term, which is unconstitutional in DRC, as it is here).

The idea is that Obama is seen as a hero of sorts in DRC, so words from him might be very persuasive. So far, Obama has been silent on the issue (as he has essentially been silent on many other important issues, but that's another day's topic).

We are going big, seeking 100,000 signatures. ANYONE in the US can sign, and it takes about 2 minutes total. You must verify your email address after your initial visit and signing of the petition, but all that takes is a click. Also, this is a NEW petition, not the same one that we posted a year or so ago. Please consider signing. Again, I don't know that this is the final answer and solution to the Exit Letter Suspension, but I can't sit and do nothing to bring our girl home.

Petition here. Please sign and share.

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