Friday, February 20, 2015

adoption update {no progress news}

I have been sick in bed for a while now (SINUSES absolutely knocked me off my feet!), so I'm just now catching up on life and laundry.

Here's a quick adoption-related update.

Our adoption paperwork has gone back to DRC for corrections to my husband's name (SIGH). Who knows how long those corrections will take, but at least we know some sort of movement is happening. Even if it's backwards, it still kind of feels better than nothing.

An agency worker is on her way back to our house for a home study update, as we have to have one to request an extension on our I-600A, which we have had for almost 18 months now. It is FRUSTRATING to have to have a home study update, as you have to do virtually all steps over again. Medicals, pet medicals(!), financials, recommendation letters from friends and coworkers, and fingerprints (because our fingerprints have changed SO much in the last 16 months). At least we learned a lesson with our medicals last time. (I wrote about that experience here, SO very frustrating.)

And there you have it. Please continue to pray that our paperwork will get corrected quickly so we can get over there to meet Sweet C and file paperwork for our investigation. And, of course, pray for the DRC adoption situation. We serve an amazing God who loves us more abundantly than we can ever imagine, and we are incredibly thankful for His grace over us.

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