Monday, February 9, 2015

a pulse

We finally felt a pulse on our adoption case.

Our case has sat silently since about July, when we heard we had finally received a Supletif(f?) Judgment. We waited and waited to receive documents from that judgment and to hear that we had received more judgments and finally our Act of Adoption.

But we heard nothing. Absolutely nothing, despite a few trips from some of our agency's workers. It seems that courts have all but stopped working on adoption cases, since legally adopted children STILL aren't allowed to leave DRC with their adoptive families. (We are 502 days past the beginning of the Exit Letter Suspension, which began in September 2013. That's 502 days that kids and parents have been separated because of a political power struggle. It is truly sickening.)

I have heard that mayors in some DRC areas have told judges not to worry about signing adoption paperwork because there was such a log-jam. Other judges have simply decided the adoption cases don't matter right now, since these kids can't go anywhere.

I see the situation differently. My concern is that DRC will lift the suspension (a good thing!) with an arbitrary date regarding completed adoptions, saying that only people with adoptions completed by (arbitrary date) will be allowed to bring children home. That would be extremely hard to swallow when we have been in this process since before the suspension began with virtually no forward movement on our case.

It is my prayer that these judges would see how important it is to get the cases through court quickly.

All that said, we do finally have a pulse on our adoption, albeit a weak one. Our agency received more documents for our case last Thursday. That's the good news. The bad news: My husband's name was written wrong on the documents, which means they will probably have to be redone, and who knows how long that will take! At this point, it would probably be easier for my husband to legally change his name, but I think that's probably out of the question.

Anyway, it's nice to finally feel a pulse, to know that this adoption is still alive, despite the long moments in a comatose state.

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