Friday, December 5, 2014


We haven't seen Velma in a while. After numerous trips to her house to check on her and a few phone calls, we haven't been able to catch her at home. Her house is dark, like she is away visiting family or friends. I hope she is.

However, despite her absence, we went ahead and trimmed her overgrown bushes and raked her leaves, hoping it's not illegal to do so since she requested some help in those specific areas. And also hoping that she doesn't forget that she requested the help, and thus, hate us for doing so.

Her gutters are full of leaves and her back yard is full of several large brush piles that need to be removed or burned. Her front yard, from which we have already bagged 20 bags of leaves, could easily fill at least 20 more bags. Her hand rail is loose, her driveway covered in yard debris. So much to be done if we had her blessing to do it.

(But we do have good help. Cue the pictures of cute kids in overalls...)

But, for now, we wait for her return, hoping all is well.

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