Wednesday, December 31, 2014

party pants in 2015

My friend sent me this quote a few days ago on Pinterest. I'm praying it's true in 2015.

As you know, we prayed fervently that children would come home from DRC for Christmas. Except for a few medical cases whose homecomings that we rejoiced in, that didn't happen for the other children.

Does that mean God didn't answer our prayers? Does it mean He wasn't listening or that He doesn't care for us or for the children?

No. It means the timing is not right. It means He has another plan. He has something better in mind. We wish with everything in us the time was NOW. We wish we knew what His plans involved and WHY we are all waiting so long. We wish we knew WHEN things would turn around.

But we do know that God has great plans in store for all of us. We trust his plans with our aching arms and hurting hearts and waiting children. We know He loves us. We know He loves our kids. So we will continue to rest in Him. There is no other way. He is in control and, as the children's song tells us, He has "the whole world in His hands." That includes us. That includes our kids. That includes DRC officials who make laws and decide to keep children in DRC for longer than we believe they should keep them. That includes the judges who are taking longer to sign Acts of Adoption. That includes us all.

Last Friday, I wrote that DRC's Parliament was holding a special session the next day to vote on new family code, which could help expedite the lifting of the Exit Letter Suspension. We later found out the special session would last until late January, and they probably wouldn't vote on family codes during that whole month. The issue is now slated for their March meetings, and after its passing the President of DRC will still have to sign off on the new codes. Who knows how long all of that could take.

We could choose to see this as a setback, but it's not a huge one. It's disappointing, but again, we know that anything can happen and the Exit Letter Suspension can be lifted at any time God wants to do it.

We continue to have hope because we know God has our best in mind.

We have all waited so long (some have hit the three-year waiting mark by now), we have endured patiently, and we are praying to realize and obtain the goal of getting our children home VERY SOON.

Please pray we can all put on our party pants in 2015.

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