Friday, December 12, 2014

fight club

I mentioned my Bible study yesterday, using my affectionate term for it: Fight Club.

This Bible study is pretty intense. It requires thoughtful reading of Scripture line-by-line, application, discussion, and wisdom (for which I continue to ask God).

I have LOVED it for many reasons. For one, my boys get to go learn about the Bible in their own little classes. This means Brody will randomly pull out something like, "And then Moses went up the mountain and pooped on the rock. Hahahahahaha!!" and Brecken will simply repeat "God loves me SO MUCH." Both scenarios nearly nearly bring me to tears each time, but for different reasons. But at least they are learning something, and I firmly believe they learn a lot in class, as I have seen it with my own eyes. The boys just don't want me to know they are paying attention.

I'm going to be honest about my reasons for joining Fight Club. Yes, I wanted a better understanding of the detailed events of the Bible so I could apply it to my own life. (Because my Sunday School lessons of yesteryear only go so far: "Jonah was swallowed by a whale and then the whale spit him out," and "Moses brought the people out of Egypt," stop short of advanced edification, application, and creation of a steadfast heart that is set on Jesus.)

However, I also wanted a better understanding so that I could do a better job of teaching my kids, along with an organized structure in which my boys could be with other kids their age and learn about Jesus while also learning how to interact with others. (And clearly they are interacting well with others, because Brody has learned that kids love to hear him talk about poop. Sorry Mrs. S.)

And, boy, has it been awesome. Seriously, I have LOVED learning more about Moses and the ways in which God was in EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of his and the Israelites' journey.

I have read about people crying out to God, waiting on God, worshipping idols, eating the dust of idols, then praying to God some more and complaining to God. I have read of God hearing their prayers and remembering his promises. I have read about his provision, his mercy, his glory, and his goodness, his compassion, his justice, even his jealousy. And I have learned A TON. I am so thankful to have this experience of learning in this time of my life, and I would not change a thing about it. God is doing a number on me, and I'm thankful.

However, here's the thing about Fight Club: I don't think I can tell you any more about it. As in the movie, Fight Club (which I never saw, by the way), there are some rules and secrecy involved.

For example, when I went to my first event at Fight Club (a "Welcome"), the first thing I was asked was who had told me about it. It was almost like it was a huge secret about which very few people know, like secret churches in China or the Underground Railroad.

I may have imagined it, but the person who asked me the question seemed to even whisper to keep it a secret. I am pretty sure I even whispered my response that my mom had gone to one and I wanted to try it out. I didn't know I had to have an invite to Fight Club, but it seemed as though I did.

And there are these rules. Rules I didn't know existed until I had broken 12 of them and my mom asked me, "So, do you know about the rules?" When I said no, she said she couldn't tell me what they were. Or maybe she told me one of them. "What?! I didn't know I couldn't talk about that!"

Some rules I still don't know to this day. It is so Fight Club-ish that I don't even know if we are supposed to talk about the rules or even the Bible study outside of the building in which we meet, which I don't believe I can describe to you, either.

Yet here I am, broadcasting this all over the internet. (If I go missing or get kicked out of Fight Club, you will know what happened to me.)

I do know one rule: We can't discuss what church we attend. I totally understand the spirit of this rule, but I am pretty sure I broke it in my first nine minutes of attendance. My husband's new role as a pastor kind of makes it tricky to keep things like that a secret, don't you think?

And, actually, as I sit here trying to come up with more examples of rules, I think I really do know only one rule. Yet people keep asking me if I know all of the--clearly unwritten--rules.

And I don't. I just hope I don't break any of them. Because I really do love Fight Club.

**One final only-semi-relavent comment: Individual churches must to do a better job of equipping their members with biblical truths and in-depth Bible study (not simply book study) opportunities. That is my opinion, but I think I'm right. :o)

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