Tuesday, October 21, 2014

the wait goes on

A short adoption update...

Sweet C is probably officially our daughter by now, based on the timing of when we received word that her Adoption Decree has been completed and the fact that the Act of Adoption (the final court ruling) can take place 30 days after he Adoption Decree. 

However, we know nothing for sure. 

We have been waiting quite a while--and it can take quite a while--to get the final court paperwork in order to book an appointment to file paperwork at the Embassy. This will be the beginning of the investigation portion of the adoption, one of the biggest steps leading up to the final step, the Exit Letter. Exit Letters, as you probably know if you've been following this blog, are currently suspended for adopted children. 

We have heard that positive things are happening in DRC that may lead to a lift on the Exit Letter suspension, but we have no way of knowing when that will actually happen. This is why children who legally have families continue to wait to be joined with them. This is also why some families have moved, or are planning to move, to DRC to be with their children (which is completely legal and awesome, as the Exit Letter is the only thing holding children back from being with families in their own countries). 

Please continue to pray for wisdom and for everyone involved, steadfast hearts for adoptive parents, softened hearts in DRC, favor with judges, attorneys, rulers and leaders in DRC, the children (particularly those who are extremely sick and in need of advanced medical care now), health and safety for all, and that God would reveal His power in this situation by bringing children home to their parents very soon. (Specifically for our case, we would appreciate prayers for a speedy delivery of paperwork that will allow me to travel to meet C and file paperwork to expedite the process.)

I wish you could see those eyes. They would melt you.

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