Wednesday, October 1, 2014

the plan {an update, part 2}

I'll pick up where I left off yesterday with a continuation of my update about life at home. I had all sorts of plans about how that would go, but now that I'm getting the hang of it I'm learning which plans are important enough to follow through with.

Remaining plans I did discuss yesterday include the following:

Teaching Brody to read novels: Brody is a smart kid, but boy is he disinterested in learning letters! I should probably be more persistent in teaching him or more creative in motivating him, but so far I believe he has mastered the letters "O" and "S." That's it. Fail. But I think he'll get there soon.

Teaching Brecken to speak in full sentences: SUCCESS!! Seriously, as of about a month ago, Brecken has finally begun speaking in full--sometimes hilarious--sentences. Sentences like, "I go see Emmy, 'k?" and, after jumping out from a hiding spot, "Here it is! Me!!" We still have some work to do, but for this premie kid with a mind of his own, I'd say we are doing okay. I must also say that with the improvement of his language skills has also come some reprieve from his crying fits. I get it. When you can't communicate with words (verbal or signed), what other methods do you have?

Decorating the house like a Pinterest board: Hmmm. I dyed some curtain fabric yesterday. I made a pom garland for our barnwood headboard. There are pumpkins on our front porch (better than last year). We officially have a playroom (with a rug, the extent of its decor). I painted some furniture. That is all. But none of these--or the other 174 projects--have happened yet.

great post on affordable RUGS.patterned garlands

Crafts: I have started 37 projects. None are finished. That is all.

Fun with my friend's baby: Yes. This has happened and we love playing outside. This kid is so cute and so fun! We loved him immediately; however, it took little sweet K-dawg a little while to warm up to me.

DIY lawn games and sensory activities: We got a water table (which I count as a sensory activity) and a cool bike that transforms from a tricycle to an inline bike with wide wheels to a skinnier inline bike. The boys have spent HOURS riding that bike and their trikes down the driveway in their underwear. That's good enough, right?

Packing lunches for Bradlee: I have found that this is completely unnecessary.

Family time around a fire pit: We have had some family time, but for the most part Brad and I are still trying to figure out the schedule. This is not a big deal because we have never had a set schedule anyway (as in, on Mondays we do this, on Tuesdays we do this...). We have had some way less stressful evenings and weekends, and for that we are extremely thankful. We've even spent some extra time around a bonfire. Let me tell ya, s'mores are more enjoyable on a relaxed schedule.

BSF study time: So far, so good. 

Finish reading the Bible in a year: I have fallen a bit behind on this since beginning BSF, but I still have time to get it done.

Watch Parenthood: CHECK! (I do this while blogging and folding clothes, ok? Don't judge.)

Extra things I hadn't planned to do but am now doing:
  • Watching my cousin's boys on Mondays (in addition to K-dawg's regular and planned visits in the afternoons) and watching her youngest on Thursdays. This is FUN because her boys are very close in age to my own, and the boys have a blast all day and absolutely wear themselves out. It's a win-win, but there are a few hours on Mondays when there are FIVE boys under four years old going crazy in my house. Chaotic to say the least, but fun, too. And we always sleep well on Monday nights.
  • Grocery shopping with a budget. This is hard. 
  • Sweeping the floors 12 times a day. Toddlers, people. 
Also, there is a lot of paying off the deck involved. Boys...

And there you have it. Overall, I think it's going well, but not necessarily as planned. And that's ok.

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