Tuesday, October 14, 2014

terrific twos

I hope I don't regret this post after putting it into circulation, but I have to tell you some things about Brecken...

He has arrived at a good place in life.


Clearly, we have ALWAYS adored Brecken and treasured this little "diva" of a man. However, if I'm being completely honest, I must tell you that he was a bit tricky for a while there. He liked to be held every second. He did not like new people. He screamed and cried. A lot. He was impatient. (Exhibit A: He could not even wait the full 9 months in the womb.) He was often inconsolable. He hardly spoke, because he couldn't.

But he is figuring this stuff out. I think a huge part of his maturity is his growing ability to express himself. He can speak in full sentences now--a huge increase from just a few short months ago. He can express his opinion without kicking and screaming. He can choose which shoes to wear (usually cowboy boots, because he can put them on himself). He sings--so loud--just because he can. He jumps, and jumps, and jumps all over everything.

He can let go of me in the nursery at church and--finally--understand that I always come back.

I even received an unsolicited compliment about him from his Bible Study helper the other day. Hot diggity. (Surely I have received a compliment about him from a nursery leader before, but I don't recall it.) He used to cry, and cry, and cry when I left him with others. And now I'm getting compliments!

I don't mean to paint a bad picture of Brecken when he was a baby and young toddler. He was a tiny baby, with needs that needed to be met and monitoring devices to be worked around, rearranged, and reset, and then he was a small toddler with needs and wants that he couldn't express and a Mommy who was often gone and--even more often--stressed.

But now, in his "terrible twos," I would put him pretty close to terrific. He is his own man with his own way of doing things, that's for sure, but we are celebrating that and hoping it continues.

In my dad's words, after seeing the following picture, he is "unswayed by public opinion. He's his own man and not seeking the approval and acclaim of the general population. I'm so proud!"

I'm not saying he is a perfect angel. I'm not saying he still doesn't carry a blankie around our house and want to be held often. I'm not saying he doesn't cry about silly things like any two-year-old. I'm not saying he doesn't occasionally let his temper get the best of him.

In fact, people who know us in real life...please know that you will still see him acting like a true diva at times, you will still see me chasing him around asking for/demanding obedience, and you will still see him lock up around strangers! He is still a second child. (There is evidence about second children being extra tricky, right? My independent research/polling and observation of friends indicates this to be true.)

But he is beginning to enjoy his growing independence and abilities, and for that we are all grateful and excited.

To you, Brecken, we are all so proud of the little man you always have been and who you are becoming.  

And to you, mamas with tricky babies, I promise it will get better (and if not, you will get better at dealing with it). :o)

(I'm just hoping this post doesn't jinx us and guaranty a rapid turnaround for the worst!)

**More on Brecken here, here, here (explains his "diva-ness") and here (birth story).

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