Sunday, October 26, 2014

stitch fixed (#2)

After some heavy posts last week about this hard adoption process, our long wait, and battles worth fighting, it's time to lighten things up a bit.

I got another Box of Happy at my doorstep a few weeks ago, and it was just about the perfect time for it. I'm not saying that clothes are my sole source of joy and peace or anything, but when you're waiting--and waiting, and waiting--on something big to happen and the timeline is questionable, it sure is nice to get something small and cute right at your door on the precise day you're expecting it to be there.

It also helps to break up the monotony of waiting in expectation without seeing results. (But you'd better believe I fully understand and believe that this wait will be worth it when we get this sweet girl in our arms forever!)

Anyway, I had some credit with Stitch Fix from a few referrals I'd made to friends, so I decided to cash some in for the chance that a Stitch Fix stylist could wow me again.

This was my second fix, and I bought two really cute and fun items from my first fix (details here).

Here's a rundown of the items in my box this time:

Augustus Abstract Print Blouse ($58...I think)

I thought this blouse was so ugly and "not me" when I first saw it in the box. Then I pulled it out and thought, "Huh, not as bad as I thought." I loved the aztec print but was not a huge fan of the black and beigy-brown colors. (I'm a fan of solid neutrals and girlie colors.) However, I put it on and it grew on me again. It was comfortable and very different for me, which I liked. The neckline was cute with a ruced, cuff-type cut at the side and back of my neck and a deep v-neck. I loved those details, but in the end that v-neck was where I decided to pass on this shirt. The deep neck just doesn't work for me, as I knew I would spend an entire day pulling the neck up in discomfort. On top of that, if I had kept this shirt, I would have been out of referral credit and, therefore, lost my excuse to order another Stitch Fix in January. (See...always thinking ahead.) I am glad, however, that this shirt opened my eyes to some new possibilities in blouses. And now I kind of like the black beigy-brownness of it.

Hazel Metallic Striped Knit Top ($48)

I think this was --at least initially--my least favorite pick in the box, but my husband liked it the most. Go figure. To me, it was kind of boring and boxy...something my already boring and boxy body doesn't need to have accentuated. It was a smidge itchy, too. However, I must admit that after I put it on and walked around for a while, it began to grow on me like the blouse above. It would be easy to throw on with anything, which I like. I didn't keep it, but in the end I also didn't hate it.

Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan ($28)

Allow me to refer you back to the minivan post, in which I admit my affinity for cardigans and all things elderly. I have a cardigan problem, people; they rock my face off and make me feel unapologetically comfortable. Of course I loved this one, and this pretty blue color had me struggling to make a decision. However, I already have a blue cardigan in my closet, and although it is shorter, older and a lighter shade of blue, I had to return this cardigan with hopes that someone who needs it more than I do will get it in the mail and love it. Because I loved it; I just couldn't keep it. 

Duboce Straight Leg (Green) Jean ($58)

I LOVE THESE PANTS! I had some serious doubts that Stitch Fix could find me some pants that would fit well and be comfortable at the same time. After all, I can search FOR DAYS in stores to find a pair of pants that fit well and still go home empty-handed and angry. However, these pants were exceptionally comfy and fit me like a glove. They were even long enough for my lanky legs! I thought it was an impossibility for a company that has never seen me to find pants that fit my awkward combination of width and length, but Stitch Fix did it, and they did it well! I even love the green color; perfect for fall and winter. In my opinion, finding a great pair of pants that fit well is worth the effort and a little bit of extra money. I kept these babies, and I'm thrilled about it.

Blake Tiered Triangle Drop Earrings ($28)

Like a few of the other items in this fix, I did not like these earrings at all when I first saw them in the box. Black and gold were my college colors but not the type of colors I choose to wear on a daily basis. However, once I took these out of the packaging and tried them on, they grew on me. They were pretty cute,  bold while also being delicate. I didn't keep them because I just don't have much to wear with them, but they surprised me and, again, opened my eyes to new pieces of fashion I would have otherwise ignored.

Stitch Fix is a great way to do that because you can control many decision about the kind of clothes you want while also allowing yourself to be open to something the stylists think will work well for you.

After this Fix, I went back to my Stitch Fix settings and changed a few of my style selections and preferences, just to mix it up a bit. Most selections I changed went from conservative/safe to adventurous. I also noted--because I have realized through my experience with Stitch Fix--that I like details...little dainty extras, cutouts, or little lace extras that make clothes unique. I even requested a dress in my next box, so I am excited to see what they select. That's really why I chose to try Stitch Fix in the first place; for a little adventure and new eyes in my wardrobe. And they are definitely doing a good job of expanding my horizons.

So there you have it. Long story short, don't be afraid to try new things. I didn't like much about this Fix box before I tried things on, but by the time I tried everything on I liked everything in the box.

Thus proving my mom's wise reminders to me as we shopped together when I was growing up: "You'll never know until you try it on."

If you'd like to try things on from Stitch Fix, please use my code so I can earn $25 credit. (I am not too proud to ask, just in case you want to try it!) You can go directly to the website with my referral link here. (And for future reference for you, each person you refer to Stitch Fix who receives a "fix" earns you $25 in credit!) 

Stitch Fix basics: The fix costs $20, but that money can be applied toward anything you keep. For example, I got the jeans from this order, which cost $58, but since $20 was already coming out of my pocket no matter what, I see it as though I paid $38 for that pair of sweet jeans. (I recognize that is not Dave Ramsey's way of thinking, but the $20 for the box is kind of for entertainment purposes, anyway.) And really, I paid nothing due to referrals!! There is a discount if you keep everything from you box, and you can even send them a link to your Pinterest boards to give them an idea of your style. 

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