Thursday, October 30, 2014

paint me pretty

A few weeks ago, I mentioned the fact that I hadn't done much crafting or Pinterest pin realization in the months since I've become a stay-at-home mom. I fully intended to get tons of crafting done while also recognizing the fact that I would probably finish one project in half a year.

After acknowledging my lack of crafting, I finally realized I wanted to get some things done around this house. So I broke out the ol' paintbrush, which has become one of my dearest friends throughout the years.

First, I finally finished painting some side tables and mirrors I'd been planning to paint and sell for a while (READ: two years!).

CHECK. SOLD. DONE. (Most importantly, gone from the garage and shed.)


Next, I tackled the TV console I bought three years ago with the intention of painting it immediately. (I was busy with other things, okay?)

I took these pics with my phone, so the colors and quality may be lacking, but you get the idea. This is a greeny-beigy-creamy color. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't awesome either.

We have cans of paint in virtually every shade of blue, because I am obsessed and I buy them on clearance when people make mixing mistakes. I also had a little container of green chalk paint, and after seeing that my blue paint was a bit too bright, I mixed some green in to tone it down. (The chalk paint made the painting process much simpler...only two coats instead of sanding+paint+paint+paint.

The LR before: 

And after. I luurrrve it. (Again, apologies for bad iPhone photography. This picture makes it look a bit more blue than it really is. Maybe photography is a skill I will choose to work on at some point...but not today. Toddlers do not allow me to focus on such skills.)

Here's a pic from our nice camera, which I clearly do not know how to use because all pictures were a bit yellowy. (Photography peeps: White balance problem, maybe? Haste? Camera user is dumb?)

And yes, I realize that painting doesn't necessarily mean I am crafty. I have a few other craft projects in mind, and I already made a printed paper leaf wreath and filled in my salvaged door with chalkboard-esque lyrics (which I will share tomorrow), so I think I'm probably ahead of the Lotz craft game for a while. (I average one craft a year, people. It's not very hard to exceed that expectation.)

Cheerio. Enjoy your Thursday!

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