Thursday, October 2, 2014

escaping marmville

SHEW! I officially escaped marmville--aka the minivan life--last week, but only by the skin of my teeth.

Again, if you drive a minivan, please do not be offended by my dislike of them. I thoroughly enjoy riding in them, but my disdain for owning a minivan is a personal issue. I've basically been acting like a 46-year-old since the age of 17, so I feel the need to do at least one thing that will re-enter me into a youthful existence.

So we bought an SUV. No minivan for me, at least for now.

For the record, I did finally break down and admit that I was totally okay with getting a minivan if he thought it was best. We even took an in-depth look into them...apparently the Honda Odyssey is the way to go, in case you're in the market. Virtually EVERY PERSON we heard from said they LOVED their Odyssey. I had given in, and I was ready to eat my words and love a minivan. (Also, a reputable source says that girls who drive Hondas are always the cutest. So there's that.)

And then I got a glorious email that saved me from impending doom. Someone I had emailed a week earlier about an SUV wrote back for a second time. The first time, she said someone was going to look at it the next day, so I assumed it had sold. Not so. This second email said it was still available, and she asked if we still wanted to take a look.

Yes. Yes, I did want to take a look. I just had to convince Bradlee that he wanted to take a look, too. Long story short, the price was right and the SUV will hold plenty of people or things.

I even tested it out recently with my two boys, my friend's baby boy and my cousin's baby girl (who the boys refer to as "The Queen"). Everybody fits with room to spare!

Note: Brody is a GREAT helper!
So there you have it. I barely escaped least for now.

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