Friday, October 31, 2014

crafting imperfection

Let me start off by telling you that this is not a how-to blog, nor is it a how-to post for that matter. This is more of an "If I can make this, even your four-year-old son can do it" post.

It's also more of a "good enough/better than nothing" than a "I'm Martha Stewart" sort of post.

Now that we've gotten that all out of the way, I made some things. I am not crafty but I sometimes pretend to be. 

First, this paper leaf wreath, which may look familiar from this overly ambitious post. I found the tutorial here, and it was super easy. The link has templates for leaves, but you can create and use use whatever type of leaf you want. I ended up creating some oak leaves on my own. Also, this tutorial used only wire to create the wreath. I used doubled-up cardboard circles that I cut from an Amazon box.

I also learned--the hard way--that you want to be able to manipulate the leaves a bit after they're attached to the circle, so I didn't tighten the wire so tight that I couldn't move them.

Boom boom. Easy peasy. (Well, if I'm honest, it's time consuming. But not difficult.)

As a side note, please do not judge me for my photography skills. They are junk, EXCEPT that I finally learned how to white balance this stinker of a camera. Consider this original picture, without my newfound white balancing skills...:

Compared to this picture, with white balance in effect:

This might mean I need to retake the pics from this post yesterday. Truly terrible photography. 
Next I created a faux chalkboard to place in the formerly empty space in the salvaged door (same one pictured above) where a window used to be. I've had that door on the wall for about a year now with this idea in mind, but due to a fear of ruining something or not doing it perfectly, I hadn't done anything. Forget that. This isn't perfect, but it's better than nothing. 

I used Pages and a chalkboard background to create the lyrical "art." The lyrics are from Need to Breathe's Something Beautiful, which I absolutely LOVE. I had it printed at a shop nearby, then Brad Mod Podged it onto a piece of paint plywood (because the edges show) to place it on the wall behind the door. For the record, Mod Podge doesn't agree with me, nor does it agree with Brad. This is something I will never understand.

Again, neither of these projects are perfect, but they're better than what was there. And here's some free, healthy advice for you: Don't let the fear of not doing something perfectly (or not BEING perfect) prohibit you from doing something. Trust me. 

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