Wednesday, October 22, 2014

battles worth fighting

Everyone seems to be fighting a battle of some sort. Some battles seem small, others monumental. All are equally under the command of the Lord God who reigns and who has promised to fight for us. 

It is not lost on us that there are other people fighting battles, too. We are battling to bring our daughter home soon, despite the negative circumstances. Other families have already been waiting YEARS to bring children home from DRC. Friends are battling to create permanence for at-risk children. Others are battling to end poverty in places where children search for food by digging through piles of trash in their dump-community.

One friend, in particular, is battling cancer. And she is doing it with a gracious, steadfast, unrelenting spirit. Missy is young...29 to be exact. She is an amazing young woman, a faithful Christ-follower, and a fellow adoptive mom to two young boys. She has just been diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer that has spread into her lymph nodes, and she is sharing her unedited and honest story with the world for the glory of God. Please read her story here, and be encouraged and challenged by her strength. 

Also, PLEASE consider supporting her through prayer and finances by purchasing a t-shirt. All funds will go directly to Missy and her family as she battles through and out of this nasty (and costly) disease. (If you attend our church, I think we need to plan a Team Missy shirt day to show her how much we love and support her!)

Keep fighting. 

Image from Quote from Exodus 14:14

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