Tuesday, September 30, 2014

the plan {an update}

Back in April, before I began the stay-at-home game, I (somewhat facetiously) wrote this post about the plan while I was at home.

It involved regular exercise, then looking flat-out awesome 15 minutes later, cooking healthy, garden-fresh meals cooked entirely, working several hours a day for Generation Next, dressing the boys like tiny J. Crew models, teaching Brody to read novels, teaching Brecken to speak in full sentences, decorating the house like a Pinterest board, crafts, fun times with my friend's baby, DIY lawn games and sensory activities, packing lunches for Bradlee, and family time around a fire pit.

It's about time I posted an update, don't you think?

As a disclaimer, this post will probably have to span a few days. Every day is different in our house, which is partly why I've had such a hard time carving out time to write (which is good for my soul).

Regular exercise: Welp, this is a category in which I am actually winning. Sort of. I do spin classes at 6 am on Tuesdays (and then have bad dreams about those songs until the next Tuesday, because I am incredibly bad at spinning). I go to a bootcamp-type class on Thursdays. I am now running on Saturdays because my friend is a horrible influence and thinks we should run a half marathon in November. I think that may be a terrible idea, but it is intriguing. (I need to run a few more days a week, probably, if that's the case, but I have a tendency to overdue some things, and I feel good about my three-times-a-week sweat sessions right now.)

This is the original example from my earlier post.  Yep, I'm pretty sure my arms look like that and I look that intense in the midst of my workouts.

Whether you're pajama-bound by subzero temperatures, trapped in a gym-less hotel room, or you're just purely 100% anti-gym, the Do Anywhere, Body Weight Workout can provide a BEASTLY sweat-session regardless of location. This turbocharged full-body circuit will torch your muscles and make the sweat drip, all without the need for costly equipment.

Or maybe I look like this. They are very similar so it's hard to tell.

Looking flat-out awesome: Well, this has never happened for me personally. However, I did buy a necklace similar to the one pictured in the example (below) from my original post, and I have a denim shirt and aviators, so I am well on my way to recreating this picture with slightly less awesomeness, poise and confidence  involved. (NOTE: I have another Stitch Fix coming in mid-October. This should help me look somewhat more awesome, I suppose.)

Cooking healthy, garden-fresh meals: People, I am getting better at this. I am pleased to say we don't eat out as much as a family because we are not running ourselves ragged all over SWMO. We even have a few new ingredients in our kitchen: kale and quinoa. Boom. This is a win, and I am getting better (although still not even good) at cooking real meals at home.

Working several hours a day for Generation Next: Although I wish this were the case, I haven't put in tons and tons of hours for GN. Part of the reason is that they haven't really needed me to do so, and the other part of the reason is that my house has been a bit CHAOTIC a few days a week. I don't mind chaotic, but I'm just saying it's no environment in which to write documents that make sense.

Dressing the boys like tiny J. Crew models: Welp, fail. The boys spend 90% of their time in underwear. Brecken would spend his entire day naked if I'd let him. Because he does what he wants regarding his locations for pee-peeing and poo-pooing,  we usually start in undies, then transition to pull-ups after I have had to wipe poo off the floor because I just cannot do that more than once a day. I just can't.

But here he is looking rather dapper. (Note the goldfish snack he made himself.)
Doesn't matter what they're wearing, though. They are good together.
Because sometimes we wear trash bags as bibs.
And sometimes we wear shirts as maxi dresses.
 Come back tomorrow (or maybe Thursday) for more updates about "the plan" and what I've been doing that I didn't originally foresee.

(And on a serious note, you should check out my friend and hero's blog. Missy was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer and she is facing is head-on with unwavering faith. EVERY NIGHT, the boys and I pray for her and my other friend, Lindsay, who also recently found out she has breast cancer. And then we pray for C to come home soon. So many things to pray about...)

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