Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Birchbox Experience

A few weeks after I got my first Stitch Fix, I signed up for another first: Birchbox. 

Birchbox is a service that delivers boxes of "beauty, grooming and lifestyle samples" to your door. You can sign up for one delivery--which is what I did--or you can choose a monthly shipment subscription for a year (for $110). 

You get to keep and try out 4-5 products that come in your box. The products are specially chosen to meet your personal needs, based on a profile you submit when you sign up and you can change your profile at any time. If you like the sample products, you can then go back to the Birchbox website and order full-size products. 

I was excited to get this in the mail while also realizing that I didn't necessarily need any more bottles of lotion and whatnot in my bathroom cabinets. For 10 bucks, though, it was worth a shot. Maybe it would be awesome.

Here's the outer box: 

The inner box looks like a party:

Here's the assortment of products I received:

Klorane dry shampoo
Naobay Body Radiance Lotion
Vasanti Detox Facial Cleanser
100% Pure Honey Cream body wash
black eyeliner
A bunch of advertisements

And here are my thoughts: A cool idea, but I might not order any more of these boxes. I LOVED the Naobay lotion (smelled WONDERFUL!), and I used all of the face wash really quickly. (Face wash samples are pretty awesome, because I hate buying a full-sized product only to discover that it feels like bacon grease when it's on my face.)

The rest of the products were just the types of products I don't really need cluttering my drawers. I have virtually no need for body wash, even though it might smell amazing, because I prefer an antibacterial wash to ensure my sweaty germs and odors are all gone after I exercise. Sure, they smelled good, but is that enough? I think not, for this girl anyway.

I will say that the dry shampoo is intriguing, and while I don't necessarily find it incredibly useful in my daily life I can see that it might be nice to have in certain situations. Thus, the glory of the sample size; it's just enough.

But the might be the best eyeliner ever invented, but black eyeliner seems to be the quintessential free sample, so I really have no need for any more eyeliner in my life.

Long story short, if you love beauty products and have no clutter issues, this would be a fun box to receive monthly. However, if you hate clutter and find that you have too much "bath junk" already, this might not be for you.

As a personal note, I would have loved to receive a few makeup samples tailored to my needs, so if I order another Birchbox I would probably specify that in my notes to the order specialists.

(To try Birchbox, click here.)

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