Tuesday, August 5, 2014

dreaming big in Kenya

Folks, I have mentioned Generation Next before. It's the nonprofit that's been completing school building projects, distributing backpacks full of supplies, hosting medical clinics, and ensuring that barriers to education are eliminated in Kenya. GN has impacted thousands of children in their local community (Branson, MO) and abroad, and they are about to embark on a brand new adventure in Kenya: a gated 5-acre Christian School complex.

The plans for this place were drawn up nearly three years ago, with the school being the "ultimate dream" for Generation Next and its founder, 18-year-old Riley Banks.

Plans include four classrooms, a library, dining area, hostel for volunteer organizations, host house, administrative offices and a garden, as well as a security gate with a guard. All of this will sit on five acres near Kibwezi, Kenya, and all of it is the culmination of years of hard work, prayers, laying a foundation, and dreaming in a huge way.

I have a sneak peak of the plans for you, but you can visit Generation Next's website for complete plans and drawings.

This BIG DREAM will impact hundreds of children in Kenya who would not otherwise have a fair shot at an education, but it comes at a cost. (Nothing great ever comes without some sacrifice.) It is estimated to cost around $130,000 to make this dream a reality.

But we think we can do it. Generation Next needs people who want to change lives to partner with them in raising the funds necessary to convert this dream into a reality. We've made it easy for you to help us fund this project by broadcasting it over at GN's page on Pure Charity. Pure Charity is an amazing platform that empower,s inspires and encourages nonprofits (and individuals) as they aspire to advocate for and impact others in huge ways.

By the way, donations for this project can be made directly to Generation Next or Pure Charity, but you can also "earn" money to give away by installing Pure Charity's browser plugin. The plugin is a GREAT concept that allows you to earn money as you do your regular shopping (Target, Nike, or REI, anyone?) and donate that earned money to projects about which you care deeply. Visit this page for more information about how the plugin works. You can even register a card to use when you shop local, thus allowing you to earn money to impact other while you spend money locally.

If you recall, members of Generation Next were in Kenya for about two months to get their newly-acquired orphanage, Gail's House, ready for children to begin living there. Unfortunately, that plan has now been altered due to some differences in beliefs between the charity offering the orphanage and Generation Next. In short, the other charity wanted to host clinics that offered birth control remedies that were not in line with the Christian beliefs of GN. This was a non-negotiable for both parties, so they have chosen to complete projects in different capacities, and GN will no longer be taking ownership of Gail's House. It was an amicable decision on both parties' accounts, and money that GN had already put into the project will be repaid to GN by the other charity. Some beliefs just can't be compromised.

Obviously, Riley and the GN team were discouraged by this turn of events, but you know what they say about closed doors.

The windows are now wide open. Let's help make this dream happen.

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